Why update business photos?

Preview of the SMK Writer website

Did you notice a recent update to my business photos? I am proud to share my updated home page photo by photographer Paul Pichugin. I was motivated to use his photo of Perth’s Elizabeth Quay because it matches my business location. But there are other reasons.

Why I Chose Paul Pichugin

The Western Australian “creative industries” are a small community. I have heard of Paul through the people I have met in web, social media, and agency work in Perth. The bold style of his photos attracted me. His photos matched the confident, strong image I want for my business.

Before I get any deeper into this article, I recommend Paul as a professional photographer. He’s practical, reliable and makes smart recommendations. Here’s how to find him:

Paul Pichugin
0415 864 811  mobile inside Australia
@paulmp on Twitter

When You Update Business Photos

When you update business photos you are setting expectations. A website is like a window into your business. Visitors should look through the window and see who you are and how you work. Honest photos help customers transition from being attracted to your business (marketing) into committing to doing business with you (sales). My window for the 2 years in Seoul was this:

Seoul South Korea skyline at night

Hiring a Professional Versus Stock Art

There are cases where you don’t have much to photograph and booking a professional photographer doesn’t make sense. If you are a home-based service, only your bio photo needs to be unique, right? I strongly encourage businesses to use stock art sparingly. Or, search for local photographers and buy several existing images that uniquely explain your location or industry.

Validate a Business

I am returning to Perth after 2 years of working remotely from Seoul, South Korea. In addition, the unique photos of my business location help you validate the authenticity of my business. And, the reason for a night shot? Not just because it was beautiful.

My Best New Clients Come From

Overall, my best new clients come from word of mouth. The old adage, “Birds of a feather flock together,” holds true even in the modern world of online business. Every year, many of my clients meet me at a community service event, fundraiser or clients office. And, I find most verify my background at the end of the work day or evening after work.

Business Embassy Australia

Not Branding But Trust

For those of us that work with people in the marketing industry, we hear about business photos as part of the professional branding. Let me translate branding. Branding is how people perceive your business. Notice Business Embassy’s website above? Ultimately, their custom photos set your expectations for their HR and business consulting.

Knowing What is Right

In conclusion, start by looking at companies larger than your in your industry. Next, look at companies you want as customers. Finally, look at professional media (magazines, news websites, videos) in your industry. You probably know by instinct.

  • Which companies were easy to identify?
  • What gave you a good feeling about a business?
  • How can you use similar pictures, words and layouts to match the companies you like best?


From here, you can decide how much work you with do yourself. Use the examples from your research to explain what you are looking for when you approach a photographer, graphic artist, writer — or agency. And, feel free to contact me for referrals.

Confusing sign post on Korean hiking trail

See You in Perth

For those of you that read this far, I am permanently returned to Perth from Seoul in December 2017. I had a wonderful 2 years in South Korea. I am grateful for the friendship and experience of living in Korea.

By the way, did you like that tool for mocking up your website on multiple devices in one picture? It’s at http://ami.responsivedesign.is/