Wanted: Tail Lift for Balga Youth Outreach


Heart-for-the-City Balga Youth Outreach

Help me and my colleague, Allen Smith, grow a youth outreach program in Balga (a suburb of Perth – Australia.)


Would you be able to help with:

  • A donation of a tail-lift
  • Installation of a tail-lift
  • Money to buy a tail lift

Allen Smith, SevenTwenty Recruitment - Perth AustraliaMy colleague, Allen Smith, is a recruiter placing people in creative, marketing, and advertising jobs. He is also active in the local community, reaching out to at-risk youth. I met Allen through business, and support his community service.

Read Allen’s story of Heart for the City here:
SevenTwenty Backs Youth Group Project

[ http://www.campaignbrief.com/wa/2015/05/seventwenty-backs-balga-youth.html ]

Allen Smith
Mobile (Australia +61) 0412 978 830

Balga – a Diverse, Immigrant Community

Balga suburb of Perth, Western Australia

I had lunch with Allen, and Dan Sheikh, the leaders of the Heart for the City youth outreach. The Balga program is based on successful youth outreach programs run in Maddington by Centrepoint Church.  Allen shared his motivation to improve the Balga community. He is from a migrant family, and understands the struggles that he went through. He sees some of the same struggles, and positive opportunities for Balga youth.

Dan Sheikh is a young pastor of Perth City Church. The church is an offshoot of the Centrepoint Church in the City of Cockburn. Dan’s congregation is passionate about community. His members, including Allen, actively give their time to help local Perth youth and adults.

Give Your Support to the Youth Outreach

Even if you don’t have a spare tail-lift laying around, the Heart for the City project welcomes your support.

As a micro-volunteer with a variety of groups in the Perth-area, I believe in in-kind giving, such as donating services, or supplies to a project.

  • Can you give your time online to help with organising donations from local businesses?
  • Are you available to work online publicity and publish news to the community at large?
  • Do you know a youth organisation that would partner with Heart for the City in activities (urban art, music, or sport)?
  • Are you connected with other youth activities in the Balga that Heart for the City can refer their youth to (youth reading, women’s education, career mentoring, trade skills)?

Please feel free to call or email Allen, directly. Also feel free to contact me with ideas.

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