Wanted: Convicts, Fundraisers & Fun

Rotary's Convicts for a Cause Fundraiser banner

My 2015 Fundraising Gang

** Update! I’m in Seoul for the 2016 Convicts for a Cause and sending a possé of locals to the event. Email me for the secret plans to rustle up some donations. **

In 2015, I asked people to meet up with me and “my gang” to raise money for charity. You’ll find us at:

The Rotary’s
Convicts for a Cause Fundraiser

Saturday 7 November 2015
7 pm to 11 pm
Fremantle Prison
Western Australia
Event Website

Get on your fancy dress (costume) — and enjoy an evening of entertainment, improv actors, dancers and fundraising. This is my 5th year as a volunteer with the Convicts for a Cause charity event. Bring $20-$100 cash for drinks, silent auction and to pay bail!

Insider Connections

Not part of a Rotary Club, but want to get connected with the community?

Rotary's Convicts for a Cause

You’ll need to know the secret to find us. Maybe a secret handshake?

Why the Annual Event is So Much Fun

Rotary's Convicts for a Cause Fundraiser Fremantle

Fancy Dress (Get into Costume)

Volunteers and guests dress up to fit the theme. (If you don’t want to dress up, cocktail attire is fine.) Ellandar Productions has a group of actors who improvise skits with the guests and fundraisers. Dancers provide entertainment. There are drinks and a silent auction.

Theatrical Entertainment

Mid-evening the master of ceremonies lines up all of the volunteer convicts. The convicts have to play their character. They will ask guests, call and text friends to get bail (donations). Donations can be made online, even if you aren’t at the event.

Ellander Productions actor dressed like The Joker
Dancers entertain donors at the Convicts for a Cause fundraiser

Bail Money Goes to Charity

The bail money, money raised from tickets and auction is given to charity after expenses. The charities are Cystic Fibrosis WA, Diabetes Research WA and Rotary.

Donate In-Person or Online

Donate by paying bail in-person at the event or online up until the day after the event. I recommend you bring $25 – $100 cash for drinks, silent auction and to pay bail (donate). Donations are tax deductible per the ATO guidelines. Be prepared for improv skits with the Ellandar actors and dancers to entertain you.

Donating to Rotary's fundraiser using mobile phones

Play the Hollywood Baddy in 2015

Each year the Rotary Club of Mount Lawley and Rotary Club of Perth choose a different take on the convicts’ theme. This year we are dressing as Hollywood bad boys and bad girls. Here are some pictures from previous years:

  • 2014 comic book heroes and villains
  • 2013 Steampunk time travelling convicts
  • 2012 Renaissance convicts
  • 2011 Mobsters and Mafia convicts

Who is Part of My Gang? Would you and your friends or colleagues like to join us? Contact me to meet up with us on the night. Feel free to call me if you have questions.

The event website has details about transport and parking. The 2016 theme is the Wild West!

Show up on Sat 5 Nov 2016 for the Wild West Convicts for a Cause

2016 Convicts for a Cause hosted by Rotary of Perth & Mt Lawley