Successful email marketing – choose your words wisely!

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You know your stuff – but do you know how to use your words to actually win business? Email marketing, and web pages are actually the most effective advertising for your business.

Find out how to save time, and optimise the impact of your future email campaigns. Ask me, Penny, about my cost-effective writing services.

Call It Successful Email Marketing

The right words are the soul of the advertising for your business. And, what’s not to love about good advertising?

Successful email marketing is an important part of internet marketing. Choosing  your keywords, and your message wisely with make your email marketing even more successful.

Email Marketing Sealed, Stamped and Delivered

The first thing you need is a list of “opt-in” email addresses. Put together a list of clients and potential clients who have given you permission to contact them. You have a legal obligation to have this permission – otherwise you’ll get in trouble with the SPAM laws.

The second thing is to create a email marketing message to let your audience know about current offers, and to keep them informed about your industry.

The words you use in the subject line make all the difference to email marketing “open rates”. There is plenty of research out there about Internet marketing in Australia.

Create subject lines that recipients will open rather than delete:

  1. Personalise the subject with both first and last name of the recipient
  2. Recipients are typically intrigued by announcements and invitations
  3. High impact words like Urgent and Important can increase open rates
  4. Test variations of your chosen subject line to see what works best for you

If all the setup seems like a bit much, I work with internet marketing agencies that can do the technical work for you. Take a look at our colleague, Brian Hughes, at Integrity Marketing & Consulting in the US (

And, let me master the words for you. Contact me, Penny West, at for help writing your optimal email marketing, and web page copy.