Social Media Marketing for Manufacturing

Faz demonstrates marketing for manufacturing

How can social media be used in the manufacturing industry to speak to targeted buyers? Review how Faz Pollard from Adarsh Australia (a manufacturing, forging and fabrication company) utilises a social media activity during a presentation to startups.

Faz Pollard spoke at the Morning Startup (Meetup Group) at SpaceCubed on Wednesday 15 July 2015. He runs three manufacturing divisions – Adarsh Australia (manufacturing), Afaridan Plastics (plastics manufacturing and 3D printing) and PG Watson (CNC machining and CNC prototyping).

Faz spoke to inventors and entrepreneurs about how start into manufacturing. SpaceCubed is a collaborative space for startups and inventors located in the Perth CBD.

  1. Focus on one audience at a time
    (inventors, industrial buyers, brokers)
  2. Look for existing, currently active channels
    (industry media, associations, industry authorities)
  3. Choose a limited number of social media tools
    (LinkedIN, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube)

Manufacturing Audience

Faz from Adarsh Australia was invited to speak to the members’ hardware ideas that are ready to go into prototyping. The Morning Startup group within SpaceCubed is focusing on educating inventors and startups into turning ideas into action.



Faz built his presentation around the story of prototyping and manufacturing selfie-stick. He started with proof-of-concept. Many of the people in the room were struggling with the transition from innovative idea to minimum viable product.

Manufacturing Channels

Faz was looking to extend the reach of the in-person presentation to a larger online audience via multiple online marketing channels. The Morning Startup organisers and professional colleagues promoted his event via email channels. He targeted manufacturing media through Twitter and LinkedINchannels, especially reaching out to manufacturing publications in Australia and the US.

manufacturing-toleranceFaz explained to the starups the importance of tolerance in 3D printed materials and CNC prototypes versus the final production product.

The live text published on Twitter and LinkedIN channels frequently included the words “for startups.” Defining Faz’s live audience helped the larger, online audience understand why Faz was covering specific topics and tagging the media, organisations, and industry in social media channels.

Social Media Marketing Tools

The social media marketing tools included email marketing, personal email apps, and Meetup. (Meetup may be considered both social network service channel as much as a social media marketing tool.) The tool at the live presentation was an iPhone with the Twitter and LinkedIN apps. The native iPhone Camera app was used to capture and edit photos quickly.


The idea of covering a live event seems “uneventful” for a seasoned online marketing veteran. However, the idea of being able to use social media marketing in a live presentation with niche manufacturing markets should be used more often.

The tactic of expanding the reach of the coverage by tagging established media was more risky. Tagging established industry publishers and people in manufacturing needed to be done in a way that complemented several interests.

Choosing a Social Networking Service

Choose a social networking service that already has regular traffic in your area of interest. The choices of social networking services were limited, because manufacturing is a low-traffic topic relative to other markets online. We chose Twitter and LinkedIN for Faz’s presentation because the modest amount of manufacturing activity was similar to the topics in the presentation. And, a smaller set of two services could be managed by a single person covering the live event.


Faz shares closing insights into prototyping and manufacturing  with the host, David. The final insights into social networking services came with the closing of the presentation. Knowing who you are working with is important, especially in prototyping and starting into production manufacturing.

Specialised businesses, like Adarsh Australia, can use social networking services like Twitter to open up the conversation with other experts, such as the event host and industry media. The Twitter conversation informs potential buyers of the motivations of the supplier (the manufacturer). The dialogue helps businesses explain the services or products.

Faz Pollard - Twitter live stream

Startups and inventors can use social networking services, like LinkedIN, to verify a manufacturing company is reputable and has the appropriate experience.

Adding LinkedIN post to extend reach to personal contacts

And, both buyer and suppliers can use social media marketing to expand the reach of their story. What are some great examples of using social media for publicity and marketing that you have seen? How do you feel when you see a colleague’s business in your social feed? What types of social information drives you to email or call a contact?

About Adarsh Australia

Adarsh Australia logo - Manufacturing, Forging and Fabrication in Perth - Australia

Adarsh Australia is group of manufacturing companies with multiple divisions based in Perth-Australia. The Afaridan Plastics division handles plastics for industries including food processing, mining, and electronics. The PG Watson division supplies CNC machining (Computer Numeric Control turning and milling) of metals and plastics. Large production runs are handled by Adarsh’s overseas division. Contact Faz Pollard for more information at (08) 9209 3866.

About Shauna McGee Kinney

Shauna McGee Kinney is a writer and trainer. I help technical people connect with business people through marketing copy, training content and presentations.

I am an advocate for my clients. Since 2014, I have been providing copywriting support to Adarsh. One of my specialities is helping my engineering and technical clients connect with each other when they share a common need. Faz has worked with my clients who have been clients and suppliers.

Feel free to contact me for referrals to my engineering and technology clients in Perth. Or call me at (08) 9467-2663 to discuss writing for your company.