Sharing Like a Facebook Page Pro

How do you get your Facebook business page visitors working for your business?Your interaction with your fans is a real trick to becoming a Facebook Page pro. Share the posts that your visitors make directly to your page. 

Your visitors can be your biggest influencers and your most active advocates. Don’t squander the love that your business Page fans give you – share their love. Share the good posts that your visitors put on your page!

1. Go to your Facebook business Page

2. Look about halfway down on the left


Facebook page visitors' posts are hidden

4. Look at the top, right corner of the post

5. Click the small, gray down arrow

6. Choose Embed Post

Facebook Page embedding visitor post

7. A new window opens

8. Go to the bottom, right

9. Click Share

Facebook page share visitor post

10. Another window opens (yes, really)

11. Click On your own Timeline and switch to On a Page you manage

Facebook Page visitor post - chosing Page timeline

Two new choices appear in the window

11. On the right, make sure you are sharing to the correct business Page

(Be sure you do NOT share to your personal Profile. A Facebook Page Pro shares as the branded business.)

Facebook Page - sharing as admin

12. Optional, add your commentary in the “Say something about this …” box

13. Go to the bottom, right and click Share Page

Curious what I use my Facebook business Page for? Here’s where to look: