How Rotary has Grown My Business and Self

Online EWA Rotary Club meeting in person

Convicts For A Cause fundraiser organised by Rotary of Perth, and Rotary of Mt Lawley

Kathy Tierney of, and Shauna McGee Kinney of help raise money at the 2013 Convicts For A Cause fundraiser. The annual fundraiser is organised by the Rotary Club of Perth, and Rotary Club of Mt Lawley, and is held at the Fremantle Prison (in Western Australia).

Just a quick post for those of you who are DIY (Do It Yourself) for your business (not just DIY writers), but DIY business development. One of my best sources of:

  • Professional development
    (new skills)
  • Quality leads to new clients
  • Personal satisfaction and belonging

has been my work with Rotary Clubs!

The community volunteer work I have done may be completely unrelated to my business. Within my area of expertise I have volunteered as a writer, and web content manager for the Rotary of Perth / Rotary of Mt Lawley. Outside of my specialty, I have also volunteered as a kids activity organiser, a  volunteer recruiter, photographer, and a public relations liaison for the Rotary Club of Canning Bridge’s Arts Markets.

Rotary Is Not Only for “Older People”

Rotary Club has family events, where even the younger members can take part.

Rotary Club has family events, where even the younger members can take part.

Rotary is for people of all ages. I encourage every person, especially sole proprietors and small businesses to shop for a Rotary Club that has the hours that work for you.

I am not shy about my age — I am in my early 40’s, and have a young, school-aged child. I’ve struggled to make other Rotary Club meetings that conflict with my child’s school schedule, or my work schedule. Yes, there are some clubs that meet at times that attract post-career (retired) adults. But, there are also clubs that work during my time!

Rotary Clubs are Meeting Online

Often I have been a “friend of” a Rotary Club. My volunteer work has been limited to evenings and weekends. I have not been a full-member because I was not able to meet the attendance requirements. My most common volunteer work was already done online. And, I chose to help at events where I could bring my daughter along.

What if  you are in the same time situation as I am in?

Rotary Clubs meet online! I’ve been fortunate to become a full-member of the EWA Rotary Club. We meet via webinar on Wednesday nights (Western Australia time). Our club caters to people who care for dependent family (young or old), travel for work, or live in remote locations where there is no local Rotary Club.

Check Out Our EWA Rotary Club

Online EWA Rotary Club
Based out of Western Australia

And, on Facebook

What is Up with the Silly Hat?

First members to start the online EWA Rotary Club in a webinar

If you look at the featured image, you might worry about the silly hat. I used that to see if my other founding members were paying attention at the online meeting. (They do!) In fact, the members that pulled together to get the first meetings started were not only paying attention, but agreed that video was far more meaningful than a conference call.

We are several months into our club and have grown our membership 5-fold! And, those of us that live within 2 hours of each other occasionally get together in-person!

What is in Rotary for You?

Rotary Clubs provide a connection to the world. Our club connects to Rotary’s 5 Avenues of Service.

  • International
    – one of our members works with Rotary’s ShelterBoxAustralia
  • Youth
    – one of our members helps youth in regional communities get involved in Rotaract, and Interact youth programs
  • Vocational
    – one of our members is developing services, and outreach volunteer programs for FIFO (Fly In Fly Out), expat, and migrant professionals
  • Community Service
    – as a small, and growing club, we are doing online volunteer projects including helping Rotary of Perth / Rotary of Mt Lawley with their web work
  • Club Service
    – all of our founding members are holding the key positions including fundraising, secretary, membership, and publicity

Rotary provides an opportunity to exercise your hobbies - like photography!

Rotary provides an opportunity to exercise your hobbies – like photography!

Within these Avenues of Service, an individual is able to participate in an activity they love, that wouldn’t be part of their typical work. For example, I enjoy managing events, but would not make a career move into event management. Or, we get to learn new skills – such as a couple of our members learning how to use webinar software, and website tools that can be added to a resume.

And further, Rotary events provide a non-threatening environment to build trust, and get to know people you wouldn’t meet by traditional forms of business advertising, networking, and formal expos.

Want to know more?

Call me (Shauna) at 0435 089-797, or Kero 0408 802 490 (Australian phone numbers)