How to Find the Perfect Resume Writing Service

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The difference between being shortlisted for an interview – and being placed in the rejection pile can be as simple as hiring a professional resume writing service.

  • A resume is typically a one-page summary document provided to recruiters, along with the job application
  • A curriculum vitae (CV) has all details related to your professional career, and is often provided at the time of an invitation to interview
  • Another copy of a CV usually is presented at the time of the interview

The objective of the resume, or CV is to showcase your qualifications, skills and experience to the potential employer. Keep in mind that some employers will request the more detailed CV from the start of the job application process. Your profession resume writer works with you to highlight information regarding your:

  • Job history
  • Tenure in the past jobs
  • Job responsibilities and assignments
  • Outstanding achievements

Each resume or CV should be:

  1. Written in a formal style, and formatted to showcase your professionalism
  2. Edited specifically for the job you are applying for
  3. Use the phrases the employer uses to describe the employer’s qualifications, and skills

Why Use a Resume Writing Service?

Why should you spend money on having my resume written by someone
when you already have a resume from several months ago?

Why not make use of popular websites like
and use one of the free resume templates?

The different between a general resume, and a tailored resume shows! Tailored resumes will get you shortlisted for an interview. Suspiciously generic resumes will get you placed in the rejection pile. A professional resume writing service has many years of experience and is in-sync with what hiring managers are looking for. A professional resume service knows what the hiring manager takes a close look at, and what parts of the job history need to be highlighted to make the right impression.

Finding the Perfect Resume Writing Service

How can you determine if a resume writing service has been effective? Find reviews of the resume writing service online. Ask the service for a sample of a standard resume. Look at their sample and get a feel if their tailored style will make you stand out for the job. A good resume writing service is also willing to provide you with edits, in the case there is a section of your resume that you are not entirely convinced about.

Maybe you have years of job experience, and you’ve sent numerous resumes to various companies during your professional career. Despite this experience, you may not be a master at writing resumes. A professional resume writer is an expert in getting you noticed – by writing a professional tailored resume in the same way that you are an expert in your own field.

A professional resume writing service would not only write you an impressive resume. Take a look at Kinetic Resume’s designs, and contact Grant for to get your professional resume done!

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Written by: Mohit Jain
About the author: Mohit is a freelance writer and enjoys writing on topics related to education and jobs. He is a copywriter and Search Engine Optimization Consultant working with Grant Cowan at Kinetic Resumes Australia, 447 Brunswick Rd, Brunswick West, VIC 3055. Mohit is also a regular guest author working with Shauna McGee Kinney, and her clients.

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