Presentations – Too Long? Long enough?

Depending on the purpose and limitations of your presentation, you will have to fit your topics to your time requirements. In both the small presentation and large presentation, timing is everything.

Time Limits

Speech Calculator

How many words fit into a 45 min training presentation? What if you only have 5 min at at professional meeting?

What is the best amount of time for a training presentation? How does time vary by type of presentation?

Live presentations

  • 1 to 3 minutes per slide
  • 1 to 3 lines per slide at 3 to 5 words per line maximum)
  • Handouts that match the slide topics and provide additional detail


  • Moderator plus presenter
  • How to interact with audience such as text or voice

Online presentations

  • 3-5 slides with a call to action or supported by a handout
  • Delivered using online DIY tool such as SlideShare
  • Zoho
  • Designed by an artist and delivered using a proprietary tool like The Inductor

Video presentations

  • DIY video (learn how at
  • DIY screen capture (compare options by Paul Colligen
  • Professional video production such as Multimedia Makers Perth
  • Delivered online through YouTube or other social video

Sharing a Presentation

People learn and connect with your information in so many different ways. The best connections are made when the audience participates in your activity, including body movements or hands-on work on their own computer. When you cannot deliver a physical or in-person presentation, consider webinars and video conferences.

Either way, you can capture your presentation in video, print and slides. Share this information online in multiple formats, so those who need it can get to your information easily. In some cases, you can also provide your content to the public. When you only want to get the information to targeted groups, use services that require registration, login and moderation.

Presentation Sharing Options

iTunes Business Podcasts screen shot

  • SlideShare or BrightTALK (Flash based)
  • iTunes Video or Audio Podcast
  • YouTube or Video (Quicktime Movie)
  • DropBox or
  • LinkedIN or Facebook Group

Remember that the most important part of your presentation is understanding your audience. Can you sit through someone else’s presentation or do you find yourself needing to move around? Can you shut your eyes and listen or do you need the slides to understand and keep you engaged? What is useful and useless to you right now about the topic in the presentation?

After you think like the audience, build a presentation just long enough, with the most useful information that your audience wants and needs.

Are you a little overwhelmed with other work or too much information? I can help you organise and create a presentation and handouts. I can also help you edit existing material into a presentation. Even if you don’t like writing, chances are you only need a little collaborative help to get your presentation ready. Contact me to discuss your ideas and needs.