Haunted by Outsourcing Web Content

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Website content has been the hot button for the last 12 to 18 months. Web content is the ghost of “PR-past.” Web content marketing is the modern, online application of the Public Relations (PR), and media placements of the past. 
The new “PR” (web content marketing) is commonly hidden in:

  • Content marketing
  • Blog marketing
  • Web content
  • Blogging
  • Guest blogging

The new-PR isn’t really that different from the public relations of the “print-era of the past.” Writers are trying to grow brand recognition and disperse information through media. In the old days, that was a caller in the town square, a print newspaper, and broadcast radio / television. Stories were placed through press releases, or sometimes sponsored, through paid placements.

Ghostwriting Web Content is Vanishing

I have been ghostwriting and writing web pages (static brochure-like information), and news (or blogs) for clients for almost three years. Recently, Google started looking for genuine human authors, not pseudonyms or pen names. These “real authors” were used to qualify and segregate potential spam, from authentic stories.

As a real-author of web content, I have begun the transition to identifying my human identity with my work. Sounds a bit 1984? I’m appearing, and becoming visible. Here’s what skeletons dropped out of the closet with me — (read on)

Solving the Mystery of Sourcing Web Content

My recommendations:

  • Your brand touches more than 3 regions, states, or is global
    – hire an agency to ghostwrite your web content and byline it real authorities in your company
  • You are a micro or small business with 1 to 5 staff members
    – combine articles you write with web content written-and-bylined by a reputable author
  • Your topics are technical, engineering-related, or fit a specialised market
    – it’s OK to hirer an overseas web content service with a history in your industry or related markets

I am making these suggestions based on my intense immersion into guest blogging over the last 3 weeks.

Don’t Scare Away Customers with Ugly Web Content

I am forever indebted to the people who read my work – your target audience. Without a quality stream of interested readers, my work (as a writer) would be useless to you. I believe that web content that is artificial is harmful to your reputation. You and a few of your business staff need to be:

  • Involved in creating the topics
  • Give interviews that make the web content
  • Write your own blog posts that are unique to your business

Recently, I have had some very rewarding exchanges with experienced people running sites that exchange blog articles. I want to re-share some of the tips and examples for how to make a meaningful connection with your ideal customer, and your reader through web content.

The connection with the host website has been as equally rewarding, and inspiring as the opportunity to grow my “author rank,” “kred / klout,” and “search engine presence.” I’ll explain all those buzz words in a future blog!

Your Web Content — “It’s Alive!!!”

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Produce regular web content in the form of guest blogs on other websites in non-competitive industries. Nurture your audience by maintaining your static web content (the products and services pages, the about pages) on a seasonal cycle. Go from the desolate website at the quiet end of your market, to the popular website in the middle of your market. Here’s how:

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