Wanted: Fundraising Project Manager (Online Volunteering)

Microvolunteering Day - online volunteering awareness

Feeling a little detached? Want to belong to a community, and do good things for other people? Try online volunteering (microvolunteering). Find connection to meaningful projects, and a network o caring people.

Online Volunteer –
Fundraising Project Manager

Examples of online volunteering include:

  • Help raise money to send 20 aboriginal youth to New York Fashion week
  • Identify the easiest, sustainable way to sell $2 Rotary branded foam balls online (2000 ball goal)
  • Recommend a common online donation software for people who do not want to buy the balls, but want to give money
  • Optional, improve the current “Juggle for Rotary” video campaign to reach a better audience, and convert viewers to donors

Volunteer with a Rotary eClub!

Try micro-volunteering!
Most projects are done online.


Take a look at these sites, too:
Help from Home Microvolunteering



Would you like insights and introductions to people and clubs that need your help? Please feel free to call or email me!

– Shauna
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 PS You can also search for Rotary eClubs in your region at the Rotary website.
Screen shot of Rotary eClub finder website
Go to the left-side of the page, and click on E-CLUB. Search for an eClub in your country.