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Wanted: Fundraising Project Manager (Online Volunteering)

Try online volunteering (microvolunteering) as an online fundraiser. Great for people who travel, care for family, or live in remote communities, and want to give some time.

Microvolunteering Day - online volunteering awareness

Feeling a little detached? Want to belong to a community, and do good things for other people? Try online volunteering (microvolunteering). Find connection to meaningful projects, and a network o caring people.

Online Volunteer –
Fundraising Project Manager

Examples of online volunteering include:

  • Help raise money to send 20 aboriginal youth to New York Fashion week
  • Identify the easiest, sustainable way to sell $2 Rotary branded foam balls online (2000 ball goal)
  • Recommend a common online donation software for people who do not want to buy the balls, but want to give money
  • Optional, improve the current “Juggle for Rotary” video campaign to reach a better audience, and convert viewers to donors

Volunteer with a Rotary eClub!

Try micro-volunteering!
Most projects are done online.

Take a look at these sites, too:
Help from Home Microvolunteering


Would you like insights and introductions to people and clubs that need your help? Please feel free to call or email me!

– Shauna
Australia +61 8 9467-2663

 PS You can also search for Rotary eClubs in your region at the Rotary website.
Screen shot of Rotary eClub finder website
Go to the left-side of the page, and click on E-CLUB. Search for an eClub in your country.