Wanted: Marketing Volunteer for Online Rotary Club

EWA Rotary Club in Toodyay, Western Australia

Are you the type of person who connects with people across generations? 

You belong in the EWA Rotary Club!

Who is a great online marketing volunteer?

  • You are the type of person who helps a friend advertise a yard sale online on Gumtree.
  • You may be the person who enjoys talking to an artist working with recycled materials, and tagging a picture of her artwork online.
  • You might be the type to help a local school group connect with the local men’s shed to finish building the stage for a variety show.
  • — And, when the variety show is about to go live — you help both the school, and the men’s shed publicise their successes online.


What type of volunteer work?

Expect to join us as a Friend of Rotary spending a total of 1 to 2 hours a week over 4 to 8 weeks.

Work on your own time through our private EWA Rotary Facebook group, phone or Skype, email, and an occasional online meeting on Wednesday nights. Don’t worry – if you are not available at 7 pm (Western Australia time) on Wednesday nights, you can conveniently work “asynchronously” online as your timing allows.

Work will include recommending online and social publicity. The Rotary title for the position is “Publicity Chair”. The job is a hybrid of online marketing, publicity, promotions, and some public relations.

Get Involved

As you are marketing EWA Rotary, you will be invited participate in a variety of our own activities, as well as sister Rotary Clubs’ events. A video of my fellow eClub members

— helping the Rotary Club of Perth and Rotary Club of Mt Lawley with the Convicts For A Cause fundraiser

Our members provided online administrative service, and local volunteers to help at the event.

The cost – only your time. Rotary Clubs traditionally invite members – so as you are working with us, if you’d like to become a full member, let me know. If you need a budget for advertising or feel a subscription is required to do the best work — I, Shauna, am here to help you present and move the proposal through to a vote.

Volunteering – Purpose and Belonging

We are a handful of founding members. Currently, we are taking our EWA Rotary club through the provisional stages of formation with our sponsor, the Rotary Club of Southern Districts. Our EWA Rotary Club encourages events, where many generations can participate online, or in-person. EWA Rotary members, associates, and friends hail from Perth metro, Toodyay, Bruce Rock, and New York City. (Curious about New York? Ask me to share the story!)

Explore the many opportunities across Rotary. Access a range of local, national, and international activities, locations, and people by volunteering for the EWA Rotary Club. Find new friends, build your resume, and connect with past and present business leaders.

Partner with Us

Partner with our members to utilise our website, public Facebook Page, and private Facebook Group. And, recommend new online channels. Lead, participate and share a common purpose!

Check out our current volunteer activities on Facebook:


  • Imagination Library to support teen parents
  • Rotary Swim-Marathon
  • Rotary Balls Fundraising
  • Support of Rotary ShelterBox

Not sure?

Contact me, if are curious about how online volunteering works. It’s flexible. You can learn new skills, while working around a busy schedule, or from a remote location. I can also put you in touch with a few other organisations looking for online volunteers! I was the EWA Rotary Membership Chair for 2014-2015.

Shauna McGee Kinney
SMS / Text inside Australia: 0435 089 797
Email: mailto:info@smk-writer.com
SKYPE: ShaunaMcGee2000