Do I really need a website?

Red Dirt Workwear uses website

The answer is, “Yes, but …”

Do micro-businesses need a website? The answer is, “Yes, but …”

In this article I focus on when a fitness class, a niche startup, or sole trader consumer services need a website. I’ll talk about how to workarounds to custom websites that work, and why these websites work better.

Pauline from Red Dirt Workwear

Pauline runs and R&D company that was starting up the physical production of one of their innovative products (see The product was going into market acceptance testing. She needed a few pages about her company, a page about the product, and a place to share product news.

Steps to a Simple Website

  1. hosted free website with a free template
  2. Purchase an “vanity domain” (custom web address)
  3. Pay to use the vanity domain

Why Use a Free Website

The plan included moving from the direct sales in the market acceptance phase and move into supplying the product to larger distributors. The website would have very few updates until the transition was complete and there was a chance of the brand being completely managed by a single distributor.

The social media pages were not used to sell or market the product. Rather the social media pages were used during the market acceptance testing to listen to and discuss industry activity that would shape the distribution phase of the product.

Advantages of Simple & Free

The advantages of having another online service host your company information, manage your event registrations, or advertise is that you do not need to maintain the technology.

Red Dirt Workwear news and blog

Spend Time or Money

Pauline spends about $42 per year. She only needs to pay her annual bills for her custom vanity domain and connecting it to her free site. She does not need to update the code or manage website security. If she does not visit her site, the website continues to run. If she stops paying her bills, the custom web address continues to run.

Time Priorities

The low-cost, self-sustaining website frees Pauline up to do hands-on research, meet with manufacturers and present her product to distributors. Her suppliers and buyers can validate her business and access her basic company information.

The disadvantage is her website template is used by hundreds of other users. She can spend more to buy a less used paid template from the store but cannot add in custom plugins.

Patty Rojo-Diaz, Zumba Instructor

Patty has been my Zumba fitness instructor for years. I’ve joined her workouts at gyms, community halls, and private dance studios. Does Patty’s business need a website? No, she doesn’t need a custom website. Yes, she needs to be found on websites!

Patty Rojo-Diaz Website

Multiple Websites & Online Services

  1. – the company running fitness certification
  2. Gym websites – each gym she works for promotes her classes and collects fees
  3. Facebook – not a website, but where most of her class activity is promoted
  4. EventBrite – used to sell tickets to Patty’s privately organized events
Patty Rojo-Diaz using EventBrite online ticketing

Franchise Requirements

Her Zumba certification requires her to maintain her class listings on the official website (see Additionally, she works for multiple gyms and teaches her private classes. The gyms use their own websites to promote her classes at their facility, and each gym has their own form of receiving payment – either through memberships or fees collected at the door.

Patty Rojo-Diaz hosts Zumba Master Class

Advantages of Many Services

The advantages of accessing many systems is Patty does not need to have the technical knowledge or pay for coders to build and maintain new services for her. The different services have incentives to keep up with the latest mobile and social services.

Costs of Running Events

Patty pays $250 – $400 for large privately hosted events. Most of the costs are:

  1. Additional paid Facebook advertising
  2. Credit card processing and bank fees

Her online fees are instead of paying monthly rent for a studio and monthly merchant account fees to the bank. She can work from event to event, with no expenses during non-event months.


The disadvantages are that she cannot easily do Google or Bing advertising, since she does not own the domains (web addresses) of the services she is using. And, she’s been so successful with this mix of many services, there is no driver to add outside search advertising at this time.

Cost of Doing Business

She works the online costs into her price per ticket. The costs for the credit card processing and bank fees are still less than if she paid the monthly fee for a merchant account with her bank. Her web page with is included and required with her Zumba instructor’s certification.

Yes, You Need a Website

In summary, yes you need a website.

But – you may not need to build a custom website. Look at how your situation shapes where you and your businesses are found on the web. Look at the typical lifetime of a website. Expect your website to be useful for 2 to 3 years with modest updates, such as adding news, listing class dates, or updating your address when you move.

Location, Location, Location

Depending on your certifications or locations, you may be listed on someone else’s website. And, you certainly should boost your connection with customers using formats they use, such as Facebook or a phone call.

Invite People to Call You

Your phone number is very important. A phone call is still the fastest way to validate your business and get information. Don’t forget to make yourself easy to reach. If you work for the local gym, you may be required to list the gym phone number, but on your personal web pages and social media, list your business phone number.

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