4 Ways to Improve Sales Skills

A few of my clients have asked the rhetorical question, “How can I improve my sales skills?” They don’t expect me to answer the question. However, I know 4 great resources who can answer your sales questions. Here they are —

The Sales Evangelist, Sales Podcast, Sales Training

Can I improve my sales skills on my own?

(Yes.) I recommend listening to experienced sellers. My favourite resource for getting free advice is The Sales Evangelist podcast hosted by Donald Kelly. By the way, I shared examples of how the Sales Evangelist helped my business in this LinkedIN article. Here are links to both.

John Blake Sales Training, Australian Corporate Sales

Sales Skills to Match the Australian Culture

If you are selling to Australian corporations, I recommend improving your sales skills with John Blake. He hosts sales skills seminars in Perth. John offers books and the Master Deal Maker Secrets podcast. He’ll guide you through the Australian way of doing business.

Training for Growth, Perth Australia Customer Service Training, Sales Training

Improving Customer Service is Improving Sales

Sales skills don’t stop with the purchase. Diana Simich of Training for Growth is my resource for customer relationships. She teaches small businesses how to follow through from prospecting conversations to sales to service. For larger businesses, she is a secret shopper. She then customises the training for each piece of the team.

Axito Perth Australia Outside Sales, Sale Training, Marketing

Don’t Want to Improve Your Sales Skills?!

A few businesses don’t want to improve their sales skills! They want to hire an experienced, outside sales rep. If you are in Perth, Simon Loader from Axito manages both the marketing (attraction) through to the sales (action) for your company.  I took a private, consultative sales class from Simon after one of my clients picked up his outside salesman services (see the LinkedIN article).

Why Improve My Sales Skills?

I’m a writer. Improving my sales skills helped me give my clients what they need. Most of all, the sales wisdom changed how I write. As I hear the experienced sales professionals, I understand what my clients’ ideal customers want. I write better business documents, training content, and marketing copy through continually improving my sales skills.