Honesty in Business Photos

Many businesses want to look more prestigious and sophisticated in their business photos. How do you find the right balance of honesty and professionalism in your business photos? 

Women business owners are especially prone to a vanity in their biographical photos. (Common complaints are, “I look too fat” or “I look too old.”) When you hire a good photographer, they do more than “Photoshop” your image, they advise you on what to wear, ensure good lighting, and do tasteful editing to a good photo.

When to Update Business Photos

Whilst it is nice to update all of your business photos at once, that isn’t always practical. Did you notice that my hair has gone from blond to brown? Women in business are more likely to make dramatic changes to their appearance as their career progresses.

Shauna McGee Kinney 2017

Confident with Keeping Current

I’m confident that the next time you meet me, my image will match the person you meet. As of this photo I am 46 and as I am ageing, my hair went from youthful blond to dark blond to brown. Concurrently, I scaled up my business from a sole trader to a group of independent writers. My new look and updated business photos embrace my experience and my new role. I was in Seoul at the time my business changed.

So, how did I get the bio photo done in Seoul?

How to Find a Photographer

Shauna McGee Kinney small bio photo
Tom suggested a high-contrast setup with a white background that would look good as a small image

“How to find a photographer?” might be a rhetorical question, as I answered question in the story above. However, I really want to emphasise you can find the best photographers by asking around.

A good photographer will coach you through a photo that connects with your target audience. And, an experienced photographer will suggest how the shots can be used, including the options that fit your other business uses (such as print, online directories, business cards).

Tom suggested solid, dark colours that covered my arms past my elbows. And, he recommended I wear the same amount of make up I’d wear on an interview.

Finding a Photographer in Seoul?

How do you find the right photographer? I turned to my Rotary Club of Seoul and one of our members, Tom Coyner, is a photographer and business consultant. Tom guided me on what to wear and advised me on how to prepare for an honest, professional looking shoot.

Tom Coyner
Onsite Studios
Seoul, South Korea
+82 (0)10-9099-6195

If you may be doing business with Korean or Japanese companies I recommend getting in touch with Tom. He helps business with the market, language and business requirements. And, you might get your photos done whilst you are up there.


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