Wanted: A Global-Local Community Leaders

Robyn from Rotary of Canning Bridge - Western Australia

What is a global-local community leader?

A global-local community leader is a person who thinks globally and acts locally. I believe that Rotary is a great place to give to your local community. And Rotary is an excellent organization to belong to if you travel globally. No matter where you are, you have a network of people to connect with. Even when you have worked and lived in the same town for many years, Rotary often introduces you to parts of the community that you have not connected with.

How can you be a gift to the world?

Aren't Rotary Clubs for old men?

No! Rotary Clubs welcome women and men. In fact, there were more women members in Western Australia than men members. Here’s the history behind why people think Rotary is for men.


Rotary has also formed special clubs for younger generations. Rotaract is set up for young adults, especially people attending university, college or early in their career. Interact is for high school students and teens.


Many Rotary Clubs sponsor a high school graduate to spend a year abroad on an international exchange. And, many Rotary Districts organize Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA). Rotary invites outstanding young community members to a 1 to 3 day leadership development summit.


How do I find a club?

The Rotary International website provides a club finder. Put in a street address or allow the finder to use your current location.


You can also Google your city + “Rotary Club.” This works well if you are in a country that speaks another language. Google often returns recent articles and you can see if the articles are in your language.

Ask a Rotarian to recommend a club. Hey, “birds of a feather flock together” and your contact likely knows which clubs fit your passion.

Call 1 to 3 clubs. Then attend open meetings or open events at different clubs. You will find that different clubs attract different types of people. The projects will vary by club. 

After you find a club you like, let one of the members know you are interested. The Rotarian will let you know the process for nomination to that club and answer your questions about dues and service.

Rotary of Perth Convicts for a Cause Fundraiser
Rotary Club of Seoul - business professionals

Hurry up! Every day is a gift

Hurry up and become a global-local community leader! Every day is a gift and you can give the gift of your service. If you have questions about Rotary or want some help getting connected please contact me. I’ve received the gift of great connections to fellow professionals everywhere I’ve been.

Long Beach (Los Angeles, California) – Terry Geiling hired me and my colleagues to do technical writing and training. As I got to know Terry better I learned about his Rotary service to the community

Escondido (San Diego, California) – Vatei Ouy is a high school classmate and Rotarian actively working with a range of local issues for families, ageing adults and end-of-life care.

Perth (Western Australia) – Linda Le, Jarred Brown and Jason Skinner are young professionals who grew the annual Convicts for a Cause fundraiser into a spectacular online and on-site event.

Canning Bridge (Perth, Western Australia) – Ian and Robyn Jones, Helen and Ian Fairnie and members run everything from a local arts marketing to sponsoring Rotarians to drive a tractor around Australia. Many Rotarians belong to 1 club and support many clubs!

Seoul (South Korea) – Raymond, Kyo, David, Andrew, Seungmi and members are one of many clubs preparing to host the 2016 Rotary International Convention in Seoul from May 28 – June 1, 2016 (http://www.riconvention2016.org/)