Web Content Manager – Business and Technology Writer

Logo - Shauna McGee Kinney - Web Content Manager, Technology & Business Writer

Shauna McGee Kinney is a technology and business content writer who helps companies and organizations communicate with customers, staff and group members.

What Services Shauna Offers

  • Creating website copy
    – identifying topics, organizing thoughts, writing text and gathering pictures
  • Web content management
    – updating websites by loading text, pictures and files into web pages
  • Delivering business or website training
    – capturing screen pictures and steps and training you and your staff perform a business task
  • Writing promotional stories and case studies
    – interviewing your subject-matter experts, writing copy and fact-checking for print or web formats
  • Updating product information or inventory
    – entering descriptions into online business tools and databases
  • Managing online files
    – such as resizing, renaming and sorting pictures, video and PDF files

Who Are Her Clients

Shauna specializes in working with businesses including

  • Software and website developers
  • Engineering disciplines
  • Manufacturing and construction companies

Her services are best suited for small-to-medium sized businesses, such as a software developer with three programmers and a project manager / sales manager or an engineering firm with 14 engineering and management staff.


Shauna has the flexibility to meet your needs on a temporary, recurring or ongoing basis. Companies choose to contract Shauna because

  • They only need a writer for a small project or on a part-time basis
  • Their employees are busy with projects and they don’t have time to write and update the website
  • Staff are non-native English speakers
  • Staff find it frustrating to communicate with business people outside of their technical field
  • Staff have an annual project, such as tax preparation and only need temporary writing help
  • The staff member that knew how to maintain the website left the company
  • Staff don’t understand what content the web designer or programmer is asking for

Why does Shauna offer this service? She gets a great deal of satisfaction out of writing and online work. She has found that online work allows her to maintain long-term relationships (some clients have been working with Shauna for over 15 years) while her family has moved internationally for her husband’s projects.