Why Change My Trading Name?

SMK Writer logo Shauna McGee Kinney Writer

On 1 July 2016, I chose to change my trading name to my Australian trading name SMK Writer instead of using my PerthWrite brand.

Why did I change my trading name?

This year I worked with James Irving a Perth lawyer on aligning my Terms & Conditions with Australian Law. He suggested to me that I use an easy-to-spell, easy-to-remember trading name closer to my legal business name. I’m a sole trader and my legal business name is also my given name. After some thought, I chose SMK Writer to be true to my sole trader business name, Shauna McGee Kinney.

Does a Web Address Matter?

A web address does matter. The PerthWrite.com and Perth-Write.com web addresses will redirect to my new SMK-Writer.com address. When I first chose my domain name, I was working with the early stages of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). The formula was to get some combination of location + industry to be easier to find in Google or Bing. As search engines have evolved, the need to have a literal domain name has become less important.

When does a domain name matter?

However, there is a time that a domain name matters. Australian banks and wholesalers have been requiring businesses to have a web address that matches their legal business name. The web address needs to be registered to the business and sometimes require the address to be registered to an address inside Australia. These requirements are to cut down on online fraud. For example, some Australian banks do not want to issue an IMF (Internet Merchant Facility) until they can match the address, ABN and owner of the website.

There were other reasons, too

There were other reasons to change my trading name and my web address. In 2015, I was hacked 3 times by infected sites that shared my web server with me. 2 of the 3 times, my site went down, the 3rd time, my site was infected with adware that was embedded at the shared-server admin level – a level I could not reach.

My final push, was when a fraudster in Ecuador started spoofing my email address. I was receiving virus attachments from me, to me. I hired Jimmy Huang to move my website to my own IP and secure my website. I setup my email security on my own (setting up SPF, DKIM and DMARC authentication is not easy). I manually requested my domain be removed from security software blacklists, but the damage was done.

Perth Phone Same and Different

I continue to serve my existing clients located in Perth whilst I’m in Seoul for the next year and a half. My fellow copywriter, Penny West, will be working closely with me to cover Australian writing deadlines. Look for me to return to Perth in a year and a half (January 2018) and for several trips in between.

Reach me at my Perth local number (08) 9467-2663 and your call will be forwarded to me — at no extra charge to you. I am in GMT +9, similar to Darwin’s time zone. My mobile number will be offline whilst I’m overseas. (The international mobile service rates are prohibitively expensive.) And, I am always available by email. 

And a new email address

My email is changing, too. My new email is info@smk-writer.com and I will continue to receive messages at the old email address. You will notice when I reply that the new email will be the reply-to address.

James Ashworth from Ashby’s Web Design helped me with the final domain and website migration. I only trust my domain settings to a select few people – and James is the 1st of 2 people I would allow to edit my settings and change my databases.

The follow-on effect is new social media accounts. You will notice by August that many of my social media accounts are following suite. I’ve found that making a new social media page with the new domain is an easier, cleaner break, than trying to change the existing sites. This change hurts my “Klout score” and impact of social posts. I don’t recommend starting over with new social media accounts for high-traffic sites. High-traffic sites should tough-out changing the old email to the new email.

What's Next?

The 2016-2017 fiscal year is underway, and I’ve returned the fixed-rate pricing for popular writing services. My clients mentioned they wanted the final product ‘done and delivered.’ The flat-rate price includes the cost of the services needed to get to the finished product. The most requested writing services that fit the flat-rate format have been added:

  • 5 Search Engine Optimised Web Pages
  • Drafting Terms & Conditions including 1 hour of WA Legal Review
  • 1 Double-Sided Flyer including Graphic Artist’s Work

More information on the flat-rate and hourly writing services is available on my SMK Writer Pricing page.

Moving at Life-Speed

The Perth economy has been in a state of change. As our business and lives change, we need different types of services. Feel free to contact me with requests or suggestions. If I cannot assist you directly, I likely know someone who can. Introductions are always free.