Centrifugally Cast Hollow Bars (Real-world Example)

TimCast Hollow Bar (VEEM Engineering Perth - Western Australia)

Introduction: How would someone describe an engineering or manufacturing specialty to a business person? 

I have had the good fortune of meeting a fellow writer, Mohit, while working on a blog project for my client, Red Dirt International. I enjoy learning how specialised industries describe their products. Mohit offered to share this article with me as an example of how to describe a niche industry.

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Differences between tubes, pipes, and cast hollow bars?

Tubes and pipes both have hollow centers but are not customarily called ‘bar’ in industry. On the other hand, a ‘hollow bar’, although sorts of tube, available in customized and specific outer diameter (OD) and inner diameter (ID), in other words in customized wall thickness, has market as machine tool.

Hollow bar is flawless mechanical tubing that is useful in broad spectrum of industries such as chemical and petrochemical, construction, machining, nuclear, automobile, paper, textile, and food. Hollow Bar as mechanical tubing makes available a very cost-effective and resourceful technique for providing a ‘high quality raw material stock’ for manufacturing entirely machined components and apparently logical alternate to the applications of solid bar. Hollow Bar not only cuts down the material consumption as well as trims down the overall requirement of machining by evading the basic drilling procedure.

The VEEM Ltd. Operation, at present covers about 10,500 sq. metres making it one of the Australia’s biggest non-ferrous foundry, that includes – CNC machine shops, pattern shops, fitting shops, design shops, welding shops, and administration offices. In the late 1980’s, VEEM Ltd. purchased its very first foundry followed by a second foundry shortly afterwards.

Timcast Hollowbar, a VEEM Ltd. product, is Australia’s leading provider of Hollow Bar products in a wide range of size from 76mm to 1275mm OD in more than 250 diverse types of alloys.

Advantages of Cast Hollow Bars


The latest is the engineered bimetal centrifugally cast hollow bars have many advantages:

  • Can be custom made
  • Ultrasonically tested against wear
  • Has 10 times more life span
  • Saves almost 92 percent of the costs
  • Has 30 percent enhanced mechanical properties as against sand cast
  • Centri Bar facilitates the customer to fabricate hollow bar that meets their – precise material requirement, size requirements, the huge variety of sizes, as well as all the advantages of centrifugal casting

Centrifugal Casting

The advantages of centrifugal casting are:

  • Shaping and feeding the molten metal into the intended gaps and particulars of the mold
  • Enhancing the cohesion, consistency, and precision of the casting
  • Has fast production rate.
  • Be fitting for both ferrous and non-ferrous parts.
  • Gives excellent and accurate castings
  • Capacity of producing very large cylindrical parts
  • Absolutely suited for casting of cylindrical shapes
  • The outer shape can be made to order using special techniques

Cast Hollow Bars Versus Solid Bars

Advantages of hollow bars against solid bars are:

  • Although hollow bars are mostly circular or cylindrical shapes but can have variable shapes
  • Cost lower in price per length
  • Have lighter weight
  • Require lower machining time
  • Lesser quantity of swarf

Availability of manufactured Timcast Hollowbar in a wide range of wall thickness and diameters considerably brings down the amount of time spent on machining and boring, lowering the total turning time. Smart engineering, and manufacturing of cast hollow bars brings down the manufacturing costs. This in turn, brings down the expenses of tools, lubricants, electricity, swarf removal, cleaning of equipment, and ultimately the total labor costs.

Lastly and importantly, the material distinctiveness of the Timcast Hollow Bar guarantees high grade – anti corrosion, strength, and processing factor.

About the authorThis article is by Mohit Jain who works with Timcast Hollowbar (Canning Vale Western Australia). Timcast Hollowbar is a group company of VEEM Ltd. – Australia largest propeller manufacturer. Timcast Hollowbar makes the widest range of Alloys in Australia. They are Australia’s foremost provider of centrifugal casting made hollow bar products.