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  • Content Management Systems for Business

    Content Management Systems for Business

    Which website system fits your type of business and your customer – brochure, customized data tools or marketeer? WordPress, Joomla and Adobe Business Catalyst?

  • A Strong Finish

    We are going to look at examples of how to finish writing about our business. The two examples show how we might write to a knowledgeable customer who will be involved with the delivery of our project versus writing to a customer who wants our service delivered and may be comparing our company to our competitors.

  • A Strong Start

    A Strong Start

    Here are two examples of how to start writing about your business. Embrace a blunt and direct first sentence. Experiment with how to talk to customers who are involved with you — versus customers who want a confident, no-fuss final product or service from you.

  • You assume I know where to start?

    For a few of us, we start mid-thought. Or, we get a little anxious and don’t know where to start. Let’s look at where and how to start writing.

  • Becoming the Friendly Editor

    As a co-worker and editor, your value is your intuitive sense of your business and what you are reading. How can you become the friendly editor? How do you help review your colleague’s documents?

  • The Joy of Editors

    How can you work with a co-worker or fellow staff member to edit your writing when a professional editor is not needed?

  • That’s Past Its Use-By Date

    When writing about time, such as years of experience, state the date you started and avoid calculating the years.