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Active membership matters to your business

How Active Membership Turned My Career Around

Active membership in a variety of groups is key to a strong business. The benefits are the difference between joining a club and actively participating in group. “If I only signed up and paid my dues, I would have been wasting my money.” I frequently make this statement when people who ask me why I am so active in groups. Continue reading

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Spidey Sense - why I won't take that job

Spidey Sense – Why I won’t take that job

Knowing when my writing won't fit your needs

Have you ever had that Spidey Sense that something isn’t quite right? Recently I had a great conversation with a potential client who had a useful product. He’d put a lot of time and thought into the website. The website had been several years in the making. The older work was a custom website database. Ongoing work included a partial rebranding of the company. The product served a need, but the sales were low and the website needed “something” to grow online sales. Continue reading

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