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  • Active membership matters to your business

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    How Active Membership Turned My Career Around Active membership in a variety of groups is key to a strong business. The benefits are the difference between joining a club and actively participating in group. “If I only signed up and paid my dues, I would have been wasting my money.” I frequently make this statement when people who […]

  • How STC Shaped My Career (by Calvin Yee)

    How STC Shaped My Career

    Starting a career in technical writing? For those of you who may be considering a career as a technical writer in software development, I can share a few insights that could be helpful in making a decision based on my career.

  • How STC Shaped My Writing Career (by Rebecca Feinstein)

    Purple Columbine in Seoul South Korea

    A Writing Career Found by Fate Well, to be honest, STC (the Society for Technical Communication) didn’t really shape my writing career, fate did. Or rather, fate gave me a BIG push (and by ‘push’ I actually mean shoved) in that direction.

  • Spidey Sense – Why I won’t take that job

    Spidey Sense - why I won't take that job

    Knowing when my writing won't fit your needs Have you ever had that Spidey Sense that something isn’t quite right? Recently I had a great conversation with a potential client who had a useful product. He’d put a lot of time and thought into the website. The website had been several years in the making. […]

  • How to Find the Right Writer

    Shauna Kinney and Penny West in Kings Park Perth Australia

    How do you find the right writer? Turns out that you start with your story about why you need a writer. The last item you discuss is price. Here is why.

  • 3 Big Issues Your Writer Can Address

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    Why are writers so expensive and the work takes so long? Here are 3 big issues your writer can address. Shauna shares 2 examples of agency & business jobs.

  • Why do I work for myself?

    Shauna McGee Kinney explains why she works as a sole trader (instead of working as an employee). She looks at the values that motivate her to do business.

  • 5 Easy Marketing Steps Overlooked

    What are some easy marketing steps that you might be missing? Discover 5 marketing steps that win you back traffic and conversions. Stop losing people. Start gaining marketing momentum.

  • Procedures Give Your Business a Backbone

    whale vertebrae assembled into backbone

    Procedures are part of the backbone of your company. The processes in your company are dependent on healthy procedures. Discover how your procedures relate to training, process and the good business management.

  • Is an Agency Copywriter Better than Freelancer?

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    When is an agency copywriter a best choice over an agency copywriter? Understand what to consider besides price when outsourcing content and copywriting for your business.