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  • Australian Privacy Act Cheat Sheet

    Privacy Act and the cyber thief - Shutterstock

    Learn what Australian Privacy Act needs you to do for your online business. Get to know what securing your computer systems and software means.

  • SEO Keywords & DIY Copy

    Time to DIY SEO copy - Perth sun clock

    SEO Keywords are Your Topics Is it your time to put SEO keywords into your web pages? The tricks to good DIY copy are to know which SEO keywords work in your industry and know where to put the keywords. The best place to learn about Search Engine Optimised copy and web pages are to look […]

  • How to Interview a Business Expert

    How long and what types of questions should be used when interviewing a business expert? Shauna McGee Kinney steps you through a 10 minute, 5 question interview format.

  • Why Use Terms and Conditions?

    2 skeleton wind up toys jumping from wok to gas flame

    Out of the frying pan, into the fire. I recommend that small businesses (including sole traders) share their terms and conditions. Publish your minimum terms and conditions (T&C) on your website to help prospective clients understand the requirements and limits of working with you. A link to your full T&C should be referenced in a […]

  • Technical Writer Versus CopyWriter?

    Pink gum tree flowers in Perth

    Michael Gorman, Technical Writer & Project Manager summarises a tech writer versus a copywriter. He explains how his career evolved into project management.

  • Sharing Like a Facebook Page Pro

    Your visitors can be your biggest influencers and your most active advocates. Don’t squander the love that your business Page fans give you. Share the good posts that your visitors put on your page!

  • Building a Website is Like Choosing a Car

    Red El Camino in Sydney Australia

    Building a website is like choosing a car. Driving your car is part of running your business. Most businesses use the car to get to the office or get to the client, but the car (the website) isn’t usually your business. Which parts should you get stock (templates or custom)? Which people do you need (coder, copywriter or designer)?

  • DIY Social Media Event Coverage

    Social Media kit - cameras, battery, tripod

    Would you like to Do It Yourself (DIY) with your social media event coverage? Consider using an iPhone or a Digital SLR camera to get your event out through Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

  • Social Media Marketing for Manufacturing

    Faz demonstrates marketing for manufacturing

    How can social media be used in the manufacturing industry to speak to targeted buyers? Review how Faz Pollard from Adarsh Australia utilises a modest amount of live social media activity during a prototyping presentation to startups.

  • How much money did I make and spend in 2013-2014?

    Pie chart writer's expenses 2013-2014

    How much money did a freelance writer make in the 2013-2014 tax year? See a summary of expenses and net income for a freelance writer working part-time in Perth-Australia.