How Your Terms and Conditions Can Protect Your Business

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Do your terms & conditions protect your business model and profits?

Do your terms & conditions protect your customers while supporting your business model and profits? Your Terms and Conditions (T&C) document is an important legal protection for your business. In Australia, an effective and professional T&C document is a key to growing a potential customer’s confidence. Continue reading “How Your Terms and Conditions Can Protect Your Business”

SEO Keywords & DIY Copy

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SEO Keywords are Your Topics

Is it your time to put SEO keywords into your web pages?

The tricks to good DIY copy are to know which SEO keywords work in your industry and know where to put the keywords. The best place to learn about Search Engine Optimised copy and web pages are to look at larger companies. Find out how the professionals combine appropriate language with topics that buyers (consumers or leads) recognise. Continue reading “SEO Keywords & DIY Copy”

Why Use Terms and Conditions?

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Out of the frying pan, into the fire.

I recommend that small businesses (including sole traders) share their terms and conditions. Publish your minimum terms and conditions (T&C) on your website to help prospective clients understand the requirements and limits of working with you. A link to your full T&C should be referenced in a quote or an estimate. Or, the terms and conditions should be repeated as part of a proposal or contract. Continue reading “Why Use Terms and Conditions?”

Technical Writer Versus CopyWriter?

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What is the difference between a tech writer and a copywriter?

A technical writers provide expository content intended to help people better understand and use technologies, processes, and products. On the other hand, a copywriter creates persuasive content that expresses a particular argument or point of view. A copywriter might write advertising collateral for a new software product to help generate sales. In contrast, the technical writer might write the user guide or online help to help the customer use the software. Continue reading “Technical Writer Versus CopyWriter?”