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  • Do You Use These 5 Steps for Your Cybersecurity?

    German Shepherd cybersecurity

    Use these 5 cybersecurity steps to protect your data, your website and your email. Here is what I’ve learned from my clients and colleagues. I’m including 5 optional tools to stay safe.

  • 4 Ways to Improve Sales Skills

    A few of my clients have asked the rhetorical question, “How can I improve my sales skills?” They don’t expect me to answer the question. However, I know 4 great resources who can answer your sales questions. Here they are —

  • My Old Website Needs an Update

    Old website needs an update (finished)

    The Journey: Stu’s Old Website Needs an Update Ever wonder what the customer journey is like for a small business with an old website? Read the customer journey of the most common experiences when an old website needs an update.

  • Real Cost of Web Copy

    Human and monkey skeleton Seodaemun Museum Seoul Korea

    Forced to Define the Business The real cost of web copy is driven by the amount of change and activity in a business. A new business will find the real cost of web copy is in the discoveries and meetings.

  • Do I really need a website?

    Red Dirt Workwear uses website

    The answer is, “Yes, but …” Do micro-businesses need a website? The answer is, “Yes, but …” In this article I focus on when a fitness class, a niche startup, or sole trader consumer services need a website. I’ll talk about how to workarounds to custom websites that work, and why these websites work better.

  • Selling Stuff Online – What’s Fair in Australia?

    What is Fair When Selling Stuff Online in Australia? I am writing this article to help people who will be selling stuff online. This article discusses some options and the amount of time needed to prepare for selling stuff online in Australia.

  • Why Change My Trading Name?

    SMK Writer logo Shauna McGee Kinney Writer

    On 1 July 2016, I chose to change my trading name to my Australian trading name SMK Writer instead of using my PerthWrite brand. Why did I change my trading name?

  • 5 Cost Controls for Outsourced Writing

    2 lemons and a yellow plate

    Ever wonder why your outsourced writing keeps going over budget? Here are 5 cost controls that help you manage the time & money spent on your writing.

  • 20 Most Common Items in Terms & Conditions

    20 common items in terms and conditions like field of pansies

    What are some of the 20 most common items in Terms and Conditions? Find out what items my online business clients are needing to organize for their lawyer.

  • How Your Terms and Conditions Can Protect Your Business

    Terms and conditions for sales and business - Shutterstock

    Do your terms & conditions protect your business model and profits? Do your terms & conditions protect your customers while supporting your business model and profits? Your Terms and Conditions (T&C) document is an important legal protection for your business. In Australia, an effective and professional T&C document is a key to growing a potential […]

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