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brand continuity (better than a reliable cup of coffee?)

Unbounce, a web page testing service, has created an thorough and useful

‘How to Optimize Your Business Blog [Checklist]’

Author Lindsey Kirchoff introduces her article ‘… Your business blog is one of the most powerful tools in your toolbox. But how do you know that your lean, mean lead generation machine (aka your business blog) is running as efficiently as possible? We’ve created a master checklist of everything your blog should be optimizing for and how to do it. …’

Blog, News or Curated Feeds

I’d like to explain how Lindsey’s post relates to the topic of brand continuity and your online reputation. We’ll need to start by understanding some of the common terminology and relate traditional marketing processes with Lindsey’s smart advice.

Blog or News or RSS Feed?

In essence, a business news section is the same as a personal opinion-editorial ‘blog’. RSS, Really Simple Syndication, is a technology that helps feed your blog title, a summary-excerpt and data like date to subscribers, search engines and other software that ‘curates’ your stories.

How Do Words Effect Branding?

Currently, Google and Bing are trying to improve their software to recognize photos and illustrations and perform reading comprehension tasks. Unfortunately most search engines and computer software are still years away from getting the ‘feel’ that humans get when they look at a color, a logo, a layout or an image.

Therefore, Words are your primary tool for explaining to search engines the features of your company, your products and your services. The search engines organize and catalogue your words, hopefully directing the right humans to your web pages.

Take a look at Lindsey’s check-list, because a lot of the detail is about setting up your content (words, images, links and tools) to help BOTH the computers and the humans understand and find your brand.

Image, Color & Design

Isn’t Branding Soft Stuff Like Image, Color, Design …
Yes, the fastest and best impact in branding comes from the quick communication of your brand through visual media. Continuity between your signage, your letterhead, your website, use of your slogan, and social media is an important aspect of branding. Even if you’ve maintained your brand presence across the many channels, search engines can’t yet assess the quality of your branding activities.

Branding is closely related to reputation. In recent years, software has been developed to try to measure how people react to your content, such as Klout and SocialMention, tools that measure the quality and quantity of the comments you get online. At this time, there is no computerized measure of the impact and feelings people have about your colors, logos and slogans without market research.

Where Do You Start?

Even if you don’t have time to do all this work yourself, you should know what work you will be asking others to do. Email me, call me(Perth AUS +61 8 9467-2663) or SKYPE ShaunaMcGee2000 to help you assess what you need to do and who can help you. My digital team and I can guide you through the process, write content with you and take care of the technical details.