Author: Shauna McGee Kinney

  • Word count: there’s no magic bullet.

      You’ve no doubt noticed as a reader that web writing is a different kettle of fish from writing for print. Web content tends to be short & snappy in a manner that would seem out of place (and even unprofessional) if used in print contexts, and the word count you’d except from a capability […]

  • Hourly Rates are Not a Wage

    Why are contract writer’s rates not the same as a similar employee’s wage? See how the convenience of only paying for worked hours and not having employment costs play into the rates you pay.

  • Meet Perth Tech Writers on 21 Mar 2018

    Perth Australia Kwinana Freeway from Kings Park

    Are you a technical writer or project manager in Perth? We are having a Write The Docs (WTD) professional networking meeting. Join us on Wed 21 Mar 2018 at 5:30 pm.

  • Do You Use These 5 Steps for Your Cybersecurity?

    German Shepherd cybersecurity

    Use these 5 cybersecurity steps to protect your data, your website and your email. Here is what I’ve learned from my clients and colleagues. I’m including 5 optional tools to stay safe.

  • Why update business photos?

    Preview of the SMK Writer website

    Did you notice a recent update to my business photos? I am proud to share my updated home page photo by photographer Paul Pichugin. I was motivated to use his photo of Perth’s Elizabeth Quay because it matches my business location. But there are other reasons.

  • Honesty in Business Photos

    Many businesses want to look more prestigious and sophisticated in their business photos. How do you find the right balance of honesty and professionalism in your business photos? 

  • Exploring Alternatives to Workflow Software

    Red spider lily in Seoul South Korea (near Soedaemun hiking trail)

    Are there better alternatives to workflow software? The temptation of a novel new system may be in conflict with common sense. Let’s make sure that we can’t use the office software we already own.

  • Workflow Software Comparison

    Masts on STS Leeuwin II tall ship in Perth, Australia

    In a workflow software comparison — should you start with the tasks, where the content is published, or the accounting? The amount of work you need to track should fit into an easy workflow management system. Let’s look at how three different types of management tools work: KissFlow – online forms using a workflow process […]

  • 4 Ways to Improve Sales Skills

    A few of my clients have asked the rhetorical question, “How can I improve my sales skills?” They don’t expect me to answer the question. However, I know 4 great resources who can answer your sales questions. Here they are —

  • Who has the Best Workflow Software?

    Finding who has the best workflow software depends on the scope of your business. Repetitive workflows should be like a ride that everyone lines up for, right?

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