Is an Agency Copywriter Better than Freelancer?

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Inconsistent content and errors will put off potential clients. For many businesses, a copywriter is a luxury, but this assumption is inaccurate. Agency copywriters and freelance  copywriters tune your message to your customers’ needs. So, how do you match the type work to the best type of copywriter?

Introduction: Shauna is a freelance writer provides support Liz Sonter, Copywriter at Glide Agency. Shauna invited Liz summarise when a client should use an agency copywriter versus a freelance writer. Shauna works as needed as a freelancer with Liz at Glide Agency to keep the projects on schedule.

Agency versus Freelancer

When should you choose an agency copywriter over a freelance copywriter?

Agency Copywriter:

  • Caters to high-dollar volume sales or larger businesses
  • Used for long-term projects
  • Requires a retainer
  • Available Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm
  • Accesses agency services from other staff, such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Freelance Copywriter:

  • Typically used for one-off work or intermittent work
  • Ideal for niche projects, small business, and start-ups
  • Available at varied times – some work evenings and weekends
  • Adjusts fees and rates for each job
  • Offers a narrow set of skills by industry or content format

Why Not be a DIY Copywriter?

— because your time is valuable. A professional copywriter:

  • Uses the copy you have and builds supporting copy
  • Fact checks and researches the statements in your content
  • Ensures consistency of messages
  • Delivers on a deadline

In all honesty, writing doesn’t need to be all or none. You can combine Do-It-Yourself work with writing produced by the agency. Partner to organise an editorial calendar and workflow. Contact Liz or Shauna with questions.