5 Easy Marketing Steps Overlooked

Just as you shouldn’t leave your spare tyre behind before a road trip, you shouldn’t leave these easy steps out of your marketing plan. They may seem too easy to be true, but these 5 easy marketing steps will give you access to new clients and increase your traffic.

1.     Turn up your Marketing Speakers

Look at what you are currently doing for your website. Now amplify it. Are you posting a blog once a week? Write two or three a week, taking simple topics and make them fun to write as well as read. Wind down the window and sing out your content marketing like it is Rick Astley’s best hit. This is an easy marketing step that can be applied to any social media account.

2.     Try another Marketing Route

It’s a rule of thumb that you will always get all your jobs at the same time or you will be contacting old clients to drum up new work. Try something different; take another route to get what you want. This marketing step gives you the opportunity to be creative and strategic. You can choose to open a new account for a social media medium you haven’t used before, create a different blog category, or even try posting at different times than you are used to. Be sure to get a baseline of your traffic beforehand for comparison.

3.     Rev your Marketing Engine

Drive your content, website and views of the industry harder and faster by optimising it. Brian Hughes’ blog post, 3 Awesome Tips to Optimizing Your Online Marketing Campaign, gives you easy marketing steps to help you reach your destination faster.

Stop and stretch your legs - dinosaur

4.     Stop and Stretch your legs

Before you blame your content for those clientless days, have a look around your website. If you can’t trust your eyes, call in a particularly blunt friend to rate it and give feedback. If they struggle navigating your site, they won’t be alone. This marketing step is simple, easy and extremely valuable to gain insight into the user’s experience. Kate Toon has outlined Five good reasons to update your website that will help you bite the bullet and get the update you deserve.

5.     Check your GPS

In an effort to get to where you’re going, you may feel the urge to rush through your planning and coast along on auto-pilot. But sometimes the conditions are different; a road block is in place where it wasn’t previously. Following this marketing step, you should create a detailed marketing strategy to give you guidelines and a contingency plan. When you review an old marketing plan, you will be able to see future road blocks and avoid them

An excellent example of how a marketing plan can help your marketing future is Mike Alton’s blog post How can you improve your business in 2015?