Shauna McGee Kinney – Technical Writer

I am Shauna McGee Kinney and I am a technical writer.

As of 1 June 2018, I stopped taking independent work. And, I will finish all current sole trader jobs by 30 June 2018.

I am closing my sole trader writing business, SMK Writer. My ABN will remain active whilst I try to collect on overdue invoices.

Since mid-May 2018, I have been employed, full-time in the Perth CBD. I cannot take phone calls during business hours out of respect to my current employer.

Over the next months, this website will switch to a personal blog about technical writing. Look for smart tips from my fellow writers on this site, too.

As my financial and personal capacity recovers, watch for stories about my professional organisation and my community service work.

Why hire a writer?

Employees Don’t Understand

Convert your procedures and employee training into documents that employees use. We can help you organise large sets of documents. Our group has an Australian HR writer and templates that comply with current employment laws.

Customers Don’t “Get It”

Attract customers who interested in doing business with you. Our writers help you use web and print text to connect with the right customers. Bring our group in to simplify your product and service information.

Information Is Outdated

Let us do the tedious research and the draft of your Terms and Conditions (or Terms of Service). We have writers with experience with business policies and customer service templates. Ask us to read and update your documents.


Shauna McGee Kinney is a technical writer based in Perth, Australia. She writes business procedures, policies, help files, and manuals. Her work includes producing executive summaries, product road maps, and writing professional biographies.

Shauna started as a software trainer in Los Angeles in the 1990s. Her experience includes writing software manuals, ISO procedures, and IT outage messages.


Hourly Rates are Not a Wage

Why are contract writer’s rates not the same as a similar employee’s wage? See how the convenience of only paying for worked hours and not having employment costs play into the rates you pay.


Shauna Kinney is based in Perth, Australia. She provides on-site services within 40 km of the Perth central business district. Our US and Australian writers work remotely using voice, video, and email.

Call the Australian or US phone number or email Shauna to get started.