Shauna McGee Kinney – Technical Writer

Shauna writes and edits help files, software manuals, and email templates. Her specialty is translating tech-talk into English people can use. Contact Shauna for introductions to tech writing professional groups, fellow writers or to discuss industry topics.

Writing Services

Shauna works full-time writing content for Parents and Children using cyber safety apps, software, and filtering hardware. Her responsibilities include:

Authoring, editing, and archiving help articles
Drafting release notes
Writing messages for email templates
Cataloging and managing current content across systems

About Shauna

Shauna is employed as a technical writer in Perth, Western Australia.

Her career started in computer support and training in Los Angeles in 1994. She moved into writing manuals and messages for business executives, sales, and administrative staff. In the early 2000s.

In 2006, she relocated from Los Angeles to Perth. She spent her first years working online with website maintenance and website account management. As 2012 came around, she started writing business plans and procedures for manufacturing, engineering, and mining companies.

From 2016-2018, she led a team of remote writers producing web pages, e-books, and social media copy for consumer services.

You might have met me after work at a Rotary function? Please feel free to network with me. I am active in global and Western Australian Rotary service, especially in the Youth and Community Avenues of Service. In addition to supporting Rotary, I am a weekend warrior. My hobbies include sailing journalism, volunteering at regattas, and crewing.