Writing Services

Shauna McGee Kinney's helps technical professionals translate complex ideas into Business English. Her writing services include developing procedures, training and marketing documents. Shauna specialising in converting engineering, construction or software concepts into words that executives, sales staff and administrative staff will use.

Tech Writing

Shauna writes technical documents. Her specialty is simplifying details and organizing topics into useful groups.

  • Standard Working Procedures (SWP)
  • Business standards
  • Multi-chapter documents
  • Service specifications
  • Product descriptions
  • Internal communications
  • Terms & Conditions (reviewed by Perth Lawyer)

Training Dev

Shauna develops training documents. She understands what types of information executives, sales people or administrative staff need to do their job.

  • Training guides
  • Help files
  • Helpdesk scripts
  • Knowledge Bases or Wikis
  • Data dictionaries
  • Indexing print or online files

SEO Web Pages

Shauna writes Search Engine Optimized (SEO) web pages. She writes meaningful text and puts keywords into the titles, text, descriptions and web addresses. See Shauna's flat-rate pricing for writing 5 SEO pages.

  • Writing new SEO web pages
  • Editing existing pages for SEO
  • Writing SEO descriptions for data
  • Blog or news articles
  • Social media profiles
  • Editorial calendars or editorial plans

Build a Team to Fit the Task

Shauna's writing services are a fit for engineering, construction and software industries. Add Shauna's off-site writing services to your company. If you need different types of team members, ask Shauna for introductions. She maintains a network of writers, editors, project managers and marketers with complementary skills. And, there is no charge for an introduction, because Shauna is not a recruiter. There is no commission, because you negotiate and contract directly with the people you like.

Professional Network

Shauna refers clients to a regular group of professionals for additional services. 

* Ask the "on-shore" Australian experts about meeting with you at your offices in Perth.

Full-Service Agencies

Shauna knows that some projects need a full-service agency. She can introduce you to reputable Australian agencies that she has done writing work for. Discuss what you need with Shauna and she will help you refine your choices. (No charge for introductions.)

  • Advertising agencies
  • Australian-based SEO
  • Graphic designers
  • Web designers
  • Corporate video producers