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Shauna McGee Kinney writes for engineering, construction, and technology businesses. She writes because she enjoys helping technical people get their writing work done. Shauna sits in the space between a writer and an office manager. Her work includes leaving you with instructions to make small changes on your own.

  • Don't worry about hiring another employee.
  • Don't stuff around with sitting through an online training class.
  • Stop worrying about finding the time and details to get it done.

Flat-Rate Services (GST inclusive)

5 SEO Web Pages
$385 flat-rate
per set of 5 pgs

300-500 words new or edited copy

Loaded within 5-7 business days

Search Engine Optimised services & products

Website T&C
$528 flat-rate
per doc

Up to 4 hours of research & prep

Includes 1 hr review by James Irving, Lawyer

Usually 10 business days or less

2-Sided Flyer
$253 flat-rate
per flyer

Print-ready & email ready files

Includes graphic designer

Draft available within 7 business days

Hourly Rates (GST inclusive)

Full Day
6-8 hours per day
per Hour

Training manuals

Knowledge Bases and Wikis

Procedures & standards

$396-$528 /day

Half Day
3-5 hours per day
per Hour


Personalized online training

Loading website content

$248-$413 /day

1-2 hours per day
per Hour

Search Engine Optimized Copy

Copywriting or Tech Writing

$99-$198 /day

* Discount if you hire me through UpWork

Gyeongbokgung Palace Seoul South Korea

Save 30%

Do you like a discount? 

Save $30 per hour when you hire me through UpWork for a few hours of work.

Shauna McGee Kinney on UpWork

Why such a big discount? Most of my overhead costs are administrative and bookkeeping time. UpWork handles the contract, invoice, collecting the Goods and Services Tax (GST), and credit card processing for us. What a relief!


Shauna's writing services are available Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM (Western Australia time). She is located in Seoul, South Korea. Shauna can assist you with finishing your writing.

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Gyeongbokgung Palace with Seoul City in background

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