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Shauna McGee Kinney writes for engineering, construction, and technology businesses. She writes because she enjoys helping technical people get their writing work done. Shauna sits in the space between a writer and an office manager. Her work includes leaving you with instructions to make small changes on your own.

  • Don't worry about hiring another employee.
  • Don't stuff around with sitting through an online training class.
  • Stop worrying about finding the time and details to get it done.

Flat-Rate Services

5 SEO Web Pages
$350 flat-rate
per set of 5 pgs

300-500 words new or edited copy

Loaded within 5-7 business days

Search Engine Optimised services & products

Website T&C
$480 flat-rate
per doc

Up to 4 hours of research & prep

Includes 1 hr review by James Irving, Lawyer

Usually 10 business days or less

2-Sided Flyer
$230 flat-rate
per flyer

Print-ready & email ready files

Includes graphic designer

Draft available within 7 business days

Hourly Rates

Full Day
6-8 hours per day
per Hour

Training manuals

Knowledge Bases and Wikis

Procedures & standards

$360-$480 /day

Half Day
3-5 hours per day
per Hour


Personalized online training

Loading website content

$225-$375 /day

1-2 hours per day
per Hour

Search Engine Optimized Copy

Copywriting or Tech Writing

$90-$180 /day

* Discount if you hire me through UpWork

Gyeongbokgung Palace Seoul South Korea

Save 30%

Do you like a discount? 

Save $30 per hour when you hire me through UpWork for a few hours of work.

Shauna McGee Kinney on Upwork

Why such a big discount? Most of my overhead costs are administrative and bookkeeping time. UpWork handles the contract, invoice, and credit card processing for us. What a relief!


Shauna's writing services are available Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM (Western Australia time). She is located in Seoul, South Korea. Shauna can assist you with finishing your writing.

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Gyeongbokgung Palace with Seoul City in background

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