Fixed Rate Fees

Rely on our writers to finish blocks of quality work on a set budget. We work for agencies, web designers, and businesses. Call us to solve the problem of not having the text needed to finish a website, a brochure, or an ebook.

Fees & Pricing

Copywriting Services
Web Pages or Blogs -
Search Engine Optimised, minimum 3 per order (300-500 words)
per page
Brochure Text Only -
4 pages, A3 folded to A4, double sided layout (300-600 words)
per piece
10 Product descriptions -
SEO to unique keywords for all items in online store (60-70 char title, 150-160 char meta description, 30-50 word detail)
per set
Long Format Blogs -
Search Engine Optmised, minimum 1 per order (1200-1500 words)
per blog
10 Wiki Topics or Help Files -
Character count, format adjusted to fit the tool (2400-2800 words)
per set
Terms and Conditions Research -
Australian markets, in partnership with lawyer (1400-2800 words)
eBook -
titles formatted to H1, H2, H3 levels (3000-3200 words / 10-12 body pages not including table of contents, cover page)
Operating Procedures and Standards -
for Mining, Manufacturing, IT, Construction. Discounts for full-day jobs
Ask for a quote


See Terms & Conditions for full disclosure. Prices in Australian dollars and include 10% Australian GST. Discounts are available for deposits or early payments.


You can book our services as your work comes in. For a first time client, our group handles a maximum of 40 pages over a 2-week period. This limits the chances of unusable copy through miscommunication. It allows us time to adapt our writers to your workflow.

Expand or Pause

Talk to us about scaling our group to fit your forecasted work. As of November 2017, our maximum capacity is 70 pages every week per returning client. Start a job on any business day and get 10 business day turn around. Don’t worry about delays. Start the next job when you’re ready.

Copywriting Turn Around

Trade a 2-week turn around time for fixed discounted fees. Our group buys surplus time from our professional copywriters between their regular clients. Our “top drawer” writers slot your work between their large jobs. If you need expedited work, ask our writers about the rates for a shorter deadline.

Copywriting Quality

We deliver seamless continuity, even with more than one writer working on your job. Get the experience, quality and reliability you need without a lot of trials. Know you will get uniform copy for each job.


Don’t lose time briefing us. As-needed, ask us to develop our own writer’s briefs. Talk to us about aligning our workflow with your account management practices. We are an efficient group of experienced, mid-career US and Australian writers. Save time and money with fewer revisions and predictable completion dates.


Sometimes one writer in our group stands out as a best fit for your work. You are welcome to approach any of our writers and set up a private contract. The change is easy. Let our writing group know you and the writer have agreed to work together. You can continue to call on our group for overflow work.


Rely on our group because we have a coordinator tracking your assignments. Feel assured that the independent copywriters like filling their surplus time.

Updated on 5 Nov 2017 by SM Kinney