Not My Grandfather’s Rotary Club

Rotary Multi-club Dinner Seoul 2017

That's not my grandfather's Rotary Club! The strongest Rotary Clubs today have dedicated members. Members with many consistent years of service keep a club strong. The change is the new members are starting to look different. And, it's working. Here's what happened.

BR Sohn with Shauna Kinney at Rotary of Seoul

We have more in common than we thought. Fellow Rotarian Sohn and I went to the same university. We went to the University of Southern California in Los Angeles "a few years apart."

Rotary Used to Be Exclusive

What was my grandfather's Rotary Club like? In my grandfather's day -- Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions, and other service groups were exclusive. The clubs were exclusively men's clubs. And, the clubs were exclusively expensive.

I graduated from high school in 1989. In 1989, Rotary removed the "male only" requirement for membership. (See Most of the service clubs remained mostly men for decades. But why? And, what changed within recent decades?

How Bi-Laws Shaped Membership

Many Rotary Clubs remained all male. The reason was in the bi-laws. In most clubs, a new member:

  • Could only join by invitation
  • Had to be approved by all members
  • Paid the same high annual dues (often hundreds of dollars)
  • Was required to attend a strictly specified number of hours every week
  • Had to be able to attend meetings during business hours

The old-guard Rotary was worried that lowering the requirements for membership would result in an ineffective club. Instead, clubs began to have a broader reach into the community. Women brought new compassion to club activities.

Take a look at the Rotary Club of Escondido (San Diego, California). This is not my grandfather's Rotary Club. The Rotary Club of Escondido is a diverse mix representing the local community.

Rotary Fits My Schedule

The strong Rotary Clubs fit their club events to their ideal member's schedule.The best clubs are NOT growing membership - they are building active membership. The flexibility has allowed more working age people. Activities are scheduled so younger members, and more women can be active in Rotary.

Seoul Young Leaders Club not my grandfather's Rotary Club

Feeling a Connected

The Rotary of Seoul Young Leaders Club (SYLC) satellite club is a great example. The satellite club is chartered for 18-35-year-olds. The focus on the benefits of professional networking in a smaller age range. Narrowing the age range improves the social connections among members.

Activities are held on weekends and evenings. The activities rotate around Seoul. The club is primarily English speaking. The mix motivated new Rotarians. Around 70% of the members are foreigners working or studying in Seoul. The remaining members are bilingual Koreans who work or study alongside English speakers.

Not my grandfather's Rotary Club at a cello performance

The satellite club isn't separate from the main club. The two pieces of the club come together often to attend dinners, performances, and tours. Membership in the SYLC has opened up the door to connecting with more activities in the community. Foreigners are introduced to local events that they might not have found on their own.

Bringing It All Together

Members from different clubs often get together. Those inter-club gatherings are just plain fun. The older generations are energized by the young members. The young members gain leadership skills from the main club members. 

English Speaking Club across many Rotary Clubs

My Grandfather's Rotary Club is Closing

In the last 10 years, many Rotary Clubs have closed due to low membership. Many of the original men retired (about the same time they became grandfathers). Though these men continued their club meetings, they were less likely to invite new members. They met fewer people after leaving work.

My grandfather's clubs became less active. Events were usually in the middle of the day. As my grandfather and his friends grew older, they were less interested in long hours of standing, or late night events. They wanted to relax to an easy meal with friends.

The boom of service groups was on the decline, globally. Potential members were discouraged by the:

  • Lack of professional networking
  • Time of day of the events
  • Low-level of activity in the remaining clubs

The Rotarian Economist does a thorough job of summing up the outcomes:

Reasons Senior Members Stay Active

The influx of new members has been a fountain of youth for Rotary Clubs. The long-term members of the club thrive on sharing their experiences. Senior members of the club are more likely to renew. The need to be needed keeps all members active.

Rotary Multi-club Dinner Seoul 2017

When Your Down, the Only Way is Up

The good news is when your membership numbers are down, the only way is up. The real opportunity is the rebirth of clubs. The rebirth is not an attempt to recreate my grandfather's Rotary Club. Existing clubs can look at how to transition to fit their local community.

The key to bringing the active membership up is to survey the current Rotarians and the potential new members. In Seoul, the "global-portability" of Rotary attracts new foreign members. New members are attracted to busy events among charismatic Rotarians. The foreign members enjoy how the Korean members introduce them to local activities.

The answers can be collected in casual conversations or formalized surveys. The book Energize Your Rotary Club explains how to avoid sabotaging the results. There are examples of what questions work. Author Bill Wittich, explains how the "method of discovery" influences the quality of the answers. He sums up how to use the answers to improve your Rotary Club.

Participation is Most Important

Getting the old and the new members frequently participating in Rotary activities is the most important. A small club with a high ratio of active members is much more effective than a large club with few active members.

Rotary Mulit-Club Dinner Seoul 2017

I personally join a club (Rotary or other community clubs) to give my skills to help the club's projects. I accept that my fellow club members have different reasons for joining. My reasons for leaving clubs are usually when I can no longer give service. On one occasion, I left a club because I felt uncomfortable with that year's leadership.

Options When You Run Out of Time

This fiscal year (July 2017-June 2018), I am taking a leave of absence from Rotary. Why? I have the good fortune of being able to do several months of traveling in Asia before I return to Perth, Australia in December. I won't be available to give service hours. I will be out of town during most of the meetings in my remaining 6-months here.

I believe in community service clubs. I believe in rewarding good members who return each year. This fiscal year, I know I have run out of time. So, I turned my vision of a healthy club into helping several young members continue their membership this year.

Rotary hikes Namsan in spring 2017

My leave of absence doesn't mean I won't be keeping in touch with my Rotary friends. It means I will do Rotary's social events when I am in town. I'll shop for a Rotary Club full of energetic, active members when I return to Perth.

What is Your Future Club?

How would you summarize:

  1. Why would you join a club?
  2. When are you available to participate in club activities?
  3. What types of members do you want to be among?
  4. What do you need to get from the club (professional connections, a better connection to the community)?
  5. What services can you give to the club to match your answers to the questions above?

Send me an email ( if you would like to post a follow-on to my article on this blog.

The Future of Rotary

Future of Rotary is here

The Future of Rotary is Opportunity

Rotary Clubs have been very traditional and structured groups around the world. The future of Rotary is evolving into a more nimble and diverse network of Rotary Clubs. The changes in Rotary Clubs are happening now:

Rotary of Seoul Young Leaders Club Art Fair 2016

1. More diverse membership

Rotary of Seoul Young Leaders Club Art Fair 2016

2. Activities & meetings are held after work

3. A less expensive variety of activities

Ray setting up mobile phone chat app

4. More Club work done on mobile apps & online

Seoul Rotary Young Leaders Club fundraiser volunteers

5. Smaller, more frequent, more casual fundraisers

Rotary of Seoul and Rotary District Magazine

6. As-available service instead of required attendance

New York and Washington DC Rotary Club pennants

7. Members attend the closest Club’s meetings

Angelica and Seachang at Club Service

8. Avenues of Service & Areas of Focus will merge

Merging Ages, Backgrounds, and Passions

Rotary Clubs will host events that involve a wider range of ages, backgrounds, and passions. Individuals will participate in Rotary activities without the pressure to commit to long-term attendance. Sub-groups within Rotary will merge. For example, children of Rotary members and the Rotary's Youth leaders attend a Rotary Club's social outing. 

Rotary Avenues of Service

  • Club Service
  • Vocational Service
  • Community Service
  • Youth Service
  • International Service

Rotary Areas of Focus

  • Promoting Peace
  • Fighting Disease
  • Providing Clean Water
  • Saving Mothers & Children
  • Supporting Education
  • Growing Local Economies

The Merge is Already Happening

The future of Rotary is the combined work of global and local communities. It is already happening.

In Australia, the Australian Rotary and the Australian United Way partnered with the overseas Imagination Library project. The project targeted literacy by providing monthly books by mail to families with young children. The local Rotary Clubs helped find families through regional early childhood centres and by word of mouth. The Australian United Way provided the national distribution of books, fundraising, and administrative support. The Imagination Library in the US provided marketing.

Clubs are designing several events each year to include the whole family, such as art markets, and outdoor fundraisers. Where the events allow, families are welcome to bring family members or a guest to share in Rotary outings. Frequently a member of the community with a passion for a single event will become a key part of the event, even if he or she does not become a full-time member. This community giving ranges from the donation of facilities, entertainment or items for sale, to volunteering to organize part of the event.

Why Does the It Matter?

The future of Rotary matters because our cultures have changed since the Rotary was founded. Rotary can often do what my taxes cannot do. Rotary can reach people and projects that don't get support or get money without the valuable human connection.The strength of a global organization is important. The types of people who want to give their time to the organization are important. 

As an individual, giving service to Rotary projects gives me a sense of belonging. The ability to travel to most parts of the world and connect to the community through Rotary is important to me.


The World Changed (in a good way)

Dani and Mariana setting up a Rotary fundraiser

What Are the Risks of Change?

The risks of the spontaneous, as-available service in Rotary is a loss in the continuity and controls that were once exercised through required, regular attendance. The new, future of Rotary will need to make an effort to apply the Rotary 4-Way Test more often, to ensure that the small, frequent meetings and service don't lose Rotary's ethics. The test is:

  1. Is it the TRUTH?
  2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
  4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

Preserving Rotary Traditions

The Rotary traditions will be preserved at special occasions. The traditions of raising money by collecting fines for fun penalties - like a new car or a birthday - will happen at a festive event. Singing Rotary songs together and exchanging Club pennants will happen at a big event, like an annual gathering where the majority of the members get together.

  • Fines and Sergeant at Arms
  • Singing
  • Badges, pins, and pennants
  • Fewer committees and fewer reports

The Future of Rotary is for You

The new Rotary works in smaller, more interchangeable groups. The old format of weekly and monthly reports is being replaced by online discussions for each, small event. In the same respect, many of the activities that used to happen at recurring committee meetings have into faster, more efficient online chats. By adding online communications to Rotary service, members who work full-time, travel for work, are raising children, or juggling other commitments can continue to give service.

The new Rotary is for you if you are looking for a connection to any community you land in. The new Rotary is for you if you want to get involved, but "can't be everywhere all the time." The future of Rotary is people serving the community from wherever they are, in person or online.

Want to know more about the many items mentioned in this article?

Can we all get along?

Rotary Club of Canning Bridge Arts Markets

This Saturday 28 May 2016 is the Rotary's Walk for Peace

Rotary International is starting their annual convention in Seoul, South Korea next week. The event starts with a Rotary Walk for Peace. Peace has a different meaning depending on where you are from and what you have experienced. Before I get too deep into my story telling, you are invited to meet up with us if you are in Seoul on Saturday.

Rotary Walk for Peace

Date 28 MAY (SAT) 2016, 08:00 am - 10:30 pm
Location : Seoul Plaza and Gwanghwamun Square

Official Rotary event details


My vision of peace comes from more than writing this blog or joining a parade. My vision for peace comes from small, consistent actions that bring the community I am living in together.

So, how does a quote from the 1992 Los Angeles riots play into Rotary and peace?

Does quiet define "peace"?

I was in university in downtown Los Angeles when the Los Angeles riots happened. I was just a few weeks from finishing the year. My campus housing was the most peaceful and quiet it had ever been during the riots. No cars driving by, no fraternity brothers singing, no dumpster bins clanging. Nothing could be heard except for the occasional helicopter (mostly the news choppers with a few police copters).

Looking out my window, I could see the National Guard protecting our buildings. These were men and women about my age with large guns. Peaceful was relative.

Why do we self segregate?

Many parts of Los Angeles were segregated when I was living there. People weren't forced to live with their own race, people chose to live together. The familiarity of people with similar food, jobs (or lack of jobs), education and language seemed to be "safe." Los Angeles was like a plaid work of "good streets" and "bad streets."

Our population had self-segregated. We didn't trust each other. We muttered audible insults or postured to protect our space. I would drive out of my way to avoid "driving through a bad neighborhood". And, people would hassle me, yell intimidating words at me or glare at me if I "went down the wrong street." Was there anything I could do?

Johnny Crash singing at the Sunday Arts Markets in Perth

Rotary is one of many solutions

I believe that organizations like Rotary are part of creating peace. Since I was in high school I witnessed how Kiwanis bridged the gap between old and young. In university, I participated in the Pasadena Jr Chamber of Commerce's annual Secret Santa delivering gifts to kids in poorer neighborhoods in Los Angeles. And, after I moved to Perth Australia, I immersed myself in Rotary projects that brought together generations of people living in the same area.

Showing up every month for the Rotary's Sunday Arts Market moved me. I heard and saw the old and the young, the city politicians and the Rotarians discuss real activities and commit to actual dates.

Starting in our neighborhoods

The Rotary of Canning Bridge Arts Markets stumbled upon an ecology of connections. Our Rotary Club had partnered with the local Rotaract to apply for a city grant. The idea was to have a group of teenage boys and young men in the city's urban art (graffiti art) program to give a live demonstration at one of the Arts Markets.

Our Rotaract members sorted the financing. The artists needed prepared panels for the artists to paint on. Our fellow Rotary Clubs mentioned a men's shed that they had setup. The Bicton Men's Shed was set up for men to get together and do shop projects. They had a wood shop and metal working tools.

Bicton Men's Shed (Perth Australia)

Can we all get along? Because getting along takes more than words.

The Rotaract members, the Bicton shed members, and the city's artists were busy coordinating the event -- and something happened. The younger generation of artists and the older generation of shed men found a real partnership. The Rotary intended the live graffiti art to be an attraction to bring the public to the Arts Markets. What was really happening is two groups of people who would not have a reason to work together - found more than 1 reason.

Rotary kids tent and parents' rest area
Rotary face painting for the urban artists too
Urban artists with face paint like tigers

Old, young and those in between

There was a real connection between the Shed members and the boys from the urban art program. The boys enjoyed getting their face painted at the kids tent. The Rotary and Rotaract members were awed at the artwork. And, the city was proud to showcase one of their community outreach programs. Many people were anxious that the graffiti would appear on the office and retail buildings, but none did. In fact the owner of the coffee shop contemplated having the boys cover up graffiti on an abandoned billboard on their roof.

Not my problem

Many of us feel helpless as we listen to the news. We think, "It's not my problem." Your actions towards peace don't need to be dangerous, overseas missions.You don't have to fly to a war zone with the Red Cross to enact peace. And, posting another opinion to your social media feed alone is not what changes communities. There are probably people in your local community who will find peace and purpose by connecting with you. Even if you have kids or you are a student you can give peace.

Join us for the local Walk for Peace or find your local community events or volunteer a couple times a month at the local Red Cross office. Find an active Lyons Club, Rotary Club or Kiwanis Club and try a few different projects.

Shauna paints faces at Canning Bridge Arts Markets

Surround yourself with your community

Let go of the reasons why you cannot come. You can take a break from your studies. You can bring your kids to the event. Look for places in the community that are closer to your home or near your families' homes. If you are busy or your kids are young, stay for a shorter period of time. Peace and healthy communities are built on people. Get to know a few people in community groups you like. You don't have to join the groups, though many groups will ask. Start by regular commitment to the groups you love.

Change groups as your life changes

The Canning Bridge Arts Markets closed in March 2013. Don't be afraid to change groups as your life changes or the groups change. I have many great memories from my volunteer time with the Arts Markets. I keep in touch with many of the crafters and fellow volunteers. Closing the markets was sad, yet leaving the event opened up my life to new adventures.

Need help finding a group that fits?

Please call or email me if you want help finding a group in San Diego, Perth or Seoul that fits your passions. I keep in touch with the people I met these communities. These people would be delighted to help you meet people and find projects. Try several groups and go to a few events with the groups you like before making a commitment. Find events you can share with your family and friends.

And, share your story. If you don't have a place to publish your community service story, contact me. 

Wanted: A Global-Local Community Leaders

Robyn from Rotary of Canning Bridge - Western Australia

What is a global-local community leader?

A global-local community leader is a person who thinks globally and acts locally. I believe that Rotary is a great place to give to your local community. And Rotary is an excellent organization to belong to if you travel globally. No matter where you are, you have a network of people to connect with. Even when you have worked and lived in the same town for many years, Rotary often introduces you to parts of the community that you have not connected with.

How can you be a gift to the world?

Aren't Rotary Clubs for old men?

No! Rotary Clubs welcome women and men. In fact, there were more women members in Western Australia than men members. Here's the history behind why people think Rotary is for men.

Rotary has also formed special clubs for younger generations. Rotaract is set up for young adults, especially people attending university, college or early in their career. Interact is for high school students and teens.

Many Rotary Clubs sponsor a high school graduate to spend a year abroad on an international exchange. And, many Rotary Districts organize Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA). Rotary invites outstanding young community members to a 1 to 3 day leadership development summit.


How do I find a club?

The Rotary International website provides a club finder. Put in a street address or allow the finder to use your current location.

You can also Google your city + "Rotary Club." This works well if you are in a country that speaks another language. Google often returns recent articles and you can see if the articles are in your language.

Ask a Rotarian to recommend a club. Hey, "birds of a feather flock together" and your contact likely knows which clubs fit your passion.

Call 1 to 3 clubs. Then attend open meetings or open events at different clubs. You will find that different clubs attract different types of people. The projects will vary by club. 

After you find a club you like, let one of the members know you are interested. The Rotarian will let you know the process for nomination to that club and answer your questions about dues and service.

Rotary of Perth Convicts for a Cause Fundraiser
Rotary Club of Seoul - business professionals

Hurry up! Every day is a gift

Hurry up and become a global-local community leader! Every day is a gift and you can give the gift of your service. If you have questions about Rotary or want some help getting connected please contact me. I've received the gift of great connections to fellow professionals everywhere I've been.

Long Beach (Los Angeles, California) - Terry Geiling hired me and my colleagues to do technical writing and training. As I got to know Terry better I learned about his Rotary service to the community

Escondido (San Diego, California) - Vatei Ouy is a high school classmate and Rotarian actively working with a range of local issues for families, ageing adults and end-of-life care.

Perth (Western Australia) - Linda Le, Jarred Brown and Jason Skinner are young professionals who grew the annual Convicts for a Cause fundraiser into a spectacular online and on-site event.

Canning Bridge (Perth, Western Australia) - Ian and Robyn Jones, Helen and Ian Fairnie and members run everything from a local arts marketing to sponsoring Rotarians to drive a tractor around Australia. Many Rotarians belong to 1 club and support many clubs!

Seoul (South Korea) - Raymond, Kyo, David, Andrew, Seungmi and members are one of many clubs preparing to host the 2016 Rotary International Convention in Seoul from May 28 - June 1, 2016 (

Wanted: Leaders Under 35 Years Old

wanted leaders under 35 for Rotary Youth Leadership Summit

Wanted: Leaders for Rotary Summit in Seoul

The Rotary Club of Seoul is looking for young leaders from around the globe to participate in a Youth Leadership Summit in Seoul, Korea.

Are you 18 to 35 years old?

What projects have you managed in your community? 

-- Or, what projects would you like to start?

The Rotary understands that younger generations of leaders can provide innovative insights into what our local and global communities need. Rotarians are looking to the Young Leaders Summit for service ideas. The Rotary also wants to share their service experience and grow the emerging leaders in our local and global societies.

The Youth Leadership Summit runs in complement with the Rotary International Convention. The convention will be held 28 May 2016 to 1 June 2016.


Scholarships for Travel and Accommodation

The Rotary Club of Seoul has setup a scholarship program to bring multiple leaders to Seoul for the leadership summit and Rotary Intentional Convention. The Rotarians understand that many of our busiest young leaders juggle school, career or family with their service. The Rotary Club of Seoul will provide for travel, accommodation and meals for the 1 week event in Seoul for several scholars.

Rotary Youth Leadership Summit Scholarship Application

To apply for a scholarship, create a video under 3 minutes in length. Submit the video at the Rotary International convention website with your contact details. The scholarships are open to applicants from around the globe.

Deadline is 31 Mar 2016.

Applicants do NOT need to be Rotary members. The sponsor, Rotary Club of Seoul, is looking for international applicants and young leaders from around the world. See the full details at the link above.

Produce a Video on Topic

Produce and upload a video that speaks to

“Our Challenge: World Future & Rotary”

  • How Can you become A GIFT to the World?
  • What are world issues Rotary should challenge in the future?

You are invited to explain how you and your community benefit from service and support of Rotary. Rotary can connect your project with local clubs or international initiatives. Even if you are not a member of Rotary, you can call upon Rotary to hear your ideas.

Why Rotary?

Rotary is a global organisation doing everything from local projects and international projects. Local projects might range from reading programs for underprivileged youth to converting a crime spot into a park to soup kitchens or building public toilets. Examples of global projects:

When are leaders wanted?

Deadline or online video and scholarship applications

  • 31 Mar 2016

Scholars will be announced

  • 10 Apr 2016

Youth Leadership Summit and Rotary International Convention

  • Sat 28 May 2016 to Wed 1 Jun 2016

Who do I contact?

You can reach the Seoul Rotary Youth Leadership Committee at

If you have any difficulty getting the information you need, please don't hesitate to call or email me. I can help you get in touch with the Rotarians who can answer your questions.

Where are the details?

Scholarship Application and Information

Seoul Rotary Young Leaders Summit Facebook Page

Seoul Rotary YLS Video

The Rotary YLS will be working an series of leadership discussions

Young Leader Summit Delegates get Free Admission to the Rotary International Convention


Wanted: Convicts, Fundraisers & Fun

Rotary's Convicts for a Cause Fundraiser banner

My 2015 Fundraising Gang

** Update! I'm in Seoul for the 2016 Convicts for a Cause and sending a possé of locals to the event. Email me for the secret plans to rustle up some donations. **

In 2015, I asked people to meet up with me and "my gang" to raise money for charity. You'll find us at:

The Rotary's
Convicts for a Cause Fundraiser

Saturday 7 November 2015
7 pm to 11 pm
Fremantle Prison
Western Australia
Event Website

Get on your fancy dress (costume) -- and enjoy an evening of entertainment, improv actors, dancers and fundraising. This is my 5th year as a volunteer with the Convicts for a Cause charity event. Bring $20-$100 cash for drinks, silent auction and to pay bail!

Insider Connections

Not part of a Rotary Club, but want to get connected with the community?

Rotary's Convicts for a Cause

You'll need to know the secret to find us. Maybe a secret handshake?

Why the Annual Event is So Much Fun

Rotary's Convicts for a Cause Fundraiser Fremantle

Fancy Dress (Get into Costume)

Volunteers and guests dress up to fit the theme. (If you don't want to dress up, cocktail attire is fine.) Ellandar Productions has a group of actors who improvise skits with the guests and fundraisers. Dancers provide entertainment. There are drinks and a silent auction.

Theatrical Entertainment

Mid-evening the master of ceremonies lines up all of the volunteer convicts. The convicts have to play their character. They will ask guests, call and text friends to get bail (donations). Donations can be made online, even if you aren't at the event.

Ellander Productions actor dressed like The Joker
Dancers entertain donors at the Convicts for a Cause fundraiser

Bail Money Goes to Charity

The bail money, money raised from tickets and auction is given to charity after expenses. The charities are Cystic Fibrosis WA, Diabetes Research WA and Rotary.

Donate In-Person or Online

Donate by paying bail in-person at the event or online up until the day after the event. I recommend you bring $25 - $100 cash for drinks, silent auction and to pay bail (donate). Donations are tax deductible per the ATO guidelines. Be prepared for improv skits with the Ellandar actors and dancers to entertain you.

Donating to Rotary's fundraiser using mobile phones

Play the Hollywood Baddy in 2015

Each year the Rotary Club of Mount Lawley and Rotary Club of Perth choose a different take on the convicts' theme. This year we are dressing as Hollywood bad boys and bad girls. Here are some pictures from previous years:

  • 2014 comic book heroes and villains
  • 2013 Steampunk time travelling convicts
  • 2012 Renaissance convicts
  • 2011 Mobsters and Mafia convicts

Who is Part of My Gang? Would you and your friends or colleagues like to join us? Contact me to meet up with us on the night. Feel free to call me if you have questions.

The event website has details about transport and parking. The 2016 theme is the Wild West!

Show up on Sat 5 Nov 2016 for the Wild West Convicts for a Cause

2016 Convicts for a Cause hosted by Rotary of Perth & Mt Lawley

How Rotary has Grown My Business and Self

Online EWA Rotary Club meeting in person

Convicts For A Cause fundraiser organised by Rotary of Perth, and Rotary of Mt Lawley
Kathy Tierney of, and Shauna McGee Kinney of help raise money at the 2013 Convicts For A Cause fundraiser. The annual fundraiser is organised by the Rotary Club of Perth, and Rotary Club of Mt Lawley, and is held at the Fremantle Prison (in Western Australia).
Just a quick post for those of you who are DIY (Do It Yourself) for your business (not just DIY writers), but DIY business development. One of my best sources of:

  • Professional development
    (new skills)
  • Quality leads to new clients
  • Personal satisfaction and belonging

has been my work with Rotary Clubs!

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