Do I really need a website?

Red Dirt Workwear uses website

The answer is, “Yes, but …”

Do micro-businesses need a website? The answer is, “Yes, but …”

In this article I focus on when a fitness class, a niche startup, or sole trader consumer services need a website. I’ll talk about how to workarounds to custom websites that work, and why these websites work better.

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5 Cost Controls for Outsourced Writing

2 lemons and a yellow plate

Feeling Squeezed Like a Lemon?

The real costs of outsourcing work, especially freelance writing work, is in the edits (revisions).

Both a client and a freelancer need to understand they share the risk of controlling cost. That risk comes with the responsibility to communicate and clarify expectations throughout a job (no matter how small.) Often the job is both squeezed for time and for money at the end, during the revisions.

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20 Most Common Items in Terms & Conditions

20 common items in terms and conditions like field of pansies

Who Asks for Terms & Conditions?

Banks and third-party online services are asking for Terms & Conditions before allowing businesses to use their online services. Additionally, Terms & Conditions may be required for promotional giveaways or fundraisers. Here are some of the most common items in Terms & Conditions that my clients have needed to organize.

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How Your Terms and Conditions Can Protect Your Business

Terms and conditions for sales and business - Shutterstock

Do your terms & conditions protect your business model and profits?

Do your terms & conditions protect your customers while supporting your business model and profits? Your Terms and Conditions (T&C) document is an important legal protection for your business. In Australia, an effective and professional T&C document is a key to growing a potential customer’s confidence.

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Australian Privacy Act Cheat Sheet

Privacy Act and the cyber thief - Shutterstock

Could a breach of your customers’ data cheat you out of credibility and cost you thousands of dollars in fines? The two most important privacy issues you need to understand in Australia are:

  1. How to protect the privacy of your customers’ data
  2. How to secure your computer systems and software

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