Employment Agency? Ad Agency?? Or Freelancer???

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Why would you in-source, or outsource your writing?

Cut through the clutter. Understand your options for hiring a writer.

Shauna McGee Kinney wearing sunglassesBy Shauna McGee Kinney


Many of us need occasional help with our writing projects. A deadline is looming close by and we do not have enough people available to get the work done. Sometimes in-sourcing the experts in your company does not work, because their writing is too hard to understand, or your experts are too busy with their work to write.

We often need short-term help with writing, and our company does want to hire an employee. I work as a writer for ad agencies, employment agencies – and after-hours freelancer directly for companies.

What are your options for getting a short-term writer?

Employment Agency

Instead asking an employment agency to recruit a writer for you, let me be your writer, and bring my own employment agency! Why?

  • You need a writer quickly
  • You have a very short project of 1 day up to 3 months long
  • Your company requires you use their pre-approved vendors
  • The time required to get a new vendor pre-approved will put you past the writing deadline
  • Your company requires people to be covered by insurance, and meet fair work standards
  • Your company requires specific levels public liability, and professional indemnity insurance
  • You want to manage your own project

As a writer, I prefer working with the employment agency and an experienced recruiter. Contact me for an introduction to reputable recruiters and a referral to a trustworthy employment agency.

The rates and fees quoted on my website, are the industry standard employment-agency rates. Your company will usually pay this rate, or only slightly higher. When I work with an agency, the rate is slightly higher to cover the agency’s overhead for handling me as their employee (superannuation, taxes, insurances and administrative fees).

Ad Agency

This includes the ad agency euphemisms of branding, creative, digital, and marketing.

  • You need a suite of services from website, social, print, signage, and logo, to culture change, competitor analysis, market strategy and tactics
  • You need the writer for several of those functions, but you need the writer managed within the project
  • This complex effort will last for at least a year, and often 2 to 5 years
  • You want someone else to manage the project, and the various people

Your “agency” will develop competitive ideas, and apply the strategy with continuity across many “channels.” An ad agency also provide project management, coordinate quoting and budgeting, and monitor your progress. A good ad agency will notice changes in your customers and market. They will translate the impact of these changes into recommendations. And, most of all, an ad agency will modify the “tactics” for you, as your market changes.

If your project is more complex than my writing services alone, I will introduce you to Glide Agency (http://www.glideagency.com/about-us/), my preferred digital marketing agency. I have been a freelance writer for Glide as-needed since 2011.

Outsourcing, Freelancers, or Contractors?

  • You are looking for on-shore writing instead of overseas, online contractors
  • You need a very small set of work done ranging from a half-page bio, to 6 pages on a website, to a 30 page employee training manual
  • You are a small company, or can pay directly off an invoice
  • The writing can be done off-site, evenings, or weekends
  • The project does not require special insurance
  • You want to manage your own project

The rates per hour are usually the same as the employment industry rates you see on my fees and rates page. My availability varies depending on my weekday projects, and agency clients.


Shauna McGee Kinney - freelance writer working after-hoursIf I am not able to help you, I will introduce you to another writer who can help you with your projects. You are always free to negotiate rates, and dates directly with any person I connect you with, and to work with any of us – at any time. You do not pay me for an useful introduction!